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Does sifting-through-dead-flies debate
To discover another quiddity of the matter,
Improve the world,
Right injustices suffered
At the hands of the
Pumpkin-spice revolutionaries
Their only heat, 229 more words


"I need to buy some tango shoes" by Sasha in an airplane heading East

Thursday September 14, 2017
5 minutes
overheard at the airport

Marsha keeps talking about her fucking tango shoes. It’s driving me up the wall. She acts like she knows how to dance. 80 more words

Pressing benches

This Friday is my last day in the lab. Six weeks isn’t a very long time to spend in one, but when planning it I realised there’s a limit to how long I could be unemployed for… The aim of my time here was predominantly exposure: after opting out of research opportunities at uni in favour of things like human evolution and French, I wanted to see what the lab environment entailed, and if it’s something I could envisage myself making up a significant portion of my future career. 289 more words

All Talk

10 Things Your African American Friends Wish You Understood About Their Hair

1. Extensions don’t mean that I don’t love my natural hair or myself. The first time that I was faced with this perspective was in Missouri when a girl asked me if I did not like myself since she rarely got to see my “real” hair. 745 more words

Mind, body and soul train

Always up for a knees-up, at the weekend I was down in Monaghan for a friend’s wedding. I worked with her in Craigavon when I was starting out as a baby doctor (whereas now I’m a firmly-mature toddler doctor). 668 more words

All Talk

All talk. Nivensknowe Caravan Park, Loanhead, Edinburgh.1996.

All talk.

Afraid to walk.

The walk I am talking.


A magik kind.

I conquered the castle,

but left behind the gold.

Crasy dance. 31 more words