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Tie the knot

So it’s been two weeks or so now since my sister entered into the Super Grown Up world of married life! No more singe pringle ready-to-mingle for her. 669 more words

All Talk

Music: 'All Talk' by Kid Cudi

Music: ‘All Talk’ by Kid Cudi 

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Wey Aye Man!

Last weekend I was over in Newcastle visiting two friends of mine who are currently working over there. One of them went to school with me, so I’ve known him for a fair amount of time, but obviously as we’re now living on different islands I don’t tend to see them as much as I’d like. 570 more words

All Talk

10 Ways To Tell If You're 'All Talk And No Action'

1. You have a To-Do list that you are continually adding to, and never crossing things off of

Mine is on yellow post-it notes on my desk, right below my computer monitor. 740 more words

Hear Me Roar

Like several other million people in the world, I’ve been hungrily watching the last 8 episodes in the new series of Game of Thrones. I’ve read all the books over the past two years or so, and since moving back to NI have been having a right royal binge through the previous episodes, in order to get myself up-to-date to watch the most recent series alongside my friends. 268 more words

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The pitter-patter of a midsummer’s downpour, oh how lovely is the sound of rain on awnings and pavements. Rain invokes a mushy feeling in me, the sort that makes me want to curl up on the couch with a piping hot cup of tea, warm throw blanket and a romance novel. 327 more words

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Island Getaway

It’s my birthday this Saturday (woooo!) and I’m going to be over in England for my last in a long line of graduations. I’ve taken this week off (another woooo!) and decided to head out to Rathlin Island last weekend with a few friends, partly to see the place and partly to celebrate my birthday. 410 more words

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