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"This horchata tastes like soap"

Slight delay in getting round to writing about it, but on Monday I came back from sunny Barcelona! I’m currently wearing my Barcelona Beer Festival t-shirt and it’s keeping me cheery. 471 more words

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Crazy Busy

These passed few weeks have been jammed packed with work, moving, and special events we attended; I have completely neglected my blog.  If anyone out there is reading, I am sorry! 126 more words

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My Fellow Americans

When all has been said

and not much of anything

has been done, what then?


Why, you raise money,

Of course! The hour grows late!

It’s time for re-election!


And on the ninth day..

I’ve just finished an eight day stretch playing the role of the “surgeon of the week”- which basically means going round all the patients that have been admitted under the ‘emergency’ team, ie all the people who have come through the doors and haven’t been labelled to be under a specific team like urology, ENT or vascular surgery. 302 more words

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dramatic entrance

Dear Life,

We dream and dream. wherever we are now, I wonder if this is what you dreamed for me but I am absolutely happy. 639 more words

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First things first I'm the realest

A new and exciting Monday – said no one ever.  However, for me it is an exciting Monday because I finally started this blog!  For weeks I have been going back and fourth with myself and with my sister about starting a blog and how to go about doing it.   520 more words

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So it would seem I’ve been working for 6 months. I finished my last day on general medicine today, and start on general surgery tomorrow! I say start- I’m in for one day then I’m off for night shifts this weekend. 324 more words

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