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dramatic entrance

Dear Life,

We dream and dream. wherever we are now, I wonder if this is what you dreamed for me but I am absolutely happy. 639 more words

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First things first I'm the realest

A new and exciting Monday – said no one ever.  However, for me it is an exciting Monday because I finally started this blog!  For weeks I have been going back and fourth with myself and with my sister about starting a blog and how to go about doing it.   520 more words

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So it would seem I’ve been working for 6 months. I finished my last day on general medicine today, and start on general surgery tomorrow! I say start- I’m in for one day then I’m off for night shifts this weekend. 324 more words

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Got back from skiing yesterday. I am le tired and my legs are le sore, but obviously the week was absolutely full of le craic. Just had a look at my old blog and the entry there about the first time I went skiing, and the repeat performance didn’t disappoint! 599 more words

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Work’s going alright at the minute: I’m continuing in my efforts to slowly transform into a man of German-style efficiency, and it’s nice when it pays off- some people have complimented me when I get things done quickly. 549 more words

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