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Sloth syndrome effect!

You’re in between jobs or have been unemployed for a few years for personal reasons and all you have in abundance is time! The more time you seem to have, the less productively you seem to be using it. 376 more words

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Gal Your Own Way

Despite having lived on the island of Ireland for the majority of my life, I’d never actually seen its west coast. A couple of months ago a friend and I decided that should be rectified and we got a group of us together and planned a trip. 752 more words

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Five Nightstands

A couple of months ago I was flipping through one of the many booklets you pick up in Belfast’s coffee shops and saw that Avenue Q was coming to Belfast. 247 more words

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Maltan Hot

Northern Ireland is cold and grey and a bit crap.

I love this place I call home, but unfortunately the above were my thoughts when I returned back from a week’s holiday in Malta. 379 more words

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Not Forgotten

Hello. Long while since I’ve blogged, trying to get back in the habit. Life has been good recently, work going well and time off work obviously going better. 309 more words

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Don't make a New Year's "Resolution" for 2016

The new year is upon us and people are scratching their heads trying to decide what to do for their New Year’s Resolution. Many of those same people were doing the exact same thing one year ago today, and what’s sadder is that the likelihood of them making the same resolution this year is extremely high. 313 more words


In other news...


I have burned a Sufjan Stevens Christmas shaped hole in my eardrums

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