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#33: All Talk

When you date someone, you talk dirty sometimes. It’s foreplay.

We talk about stuff and he tells me what he¬†wants to do with me. Yet he’s never acted on it. 57 more words


The early bird catches the dole

My first two years of work are now finished- I’ve completed foundation training! I managed to get past my general incompetence, various hoop-jumping assessments and dramatic shit-storms in the middle of the night. 418 more words

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And we're out of here

So last week I woke up to be nicely horrified at the result of our EU referendum. I guess I had kind of been hoping that the media had been over-hyping the chances of Leave, like with previous general elections. 888 more words

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Like the sun on the weekend

I’m a bit shattered this evening: had a few late nights recently, and long days in work. Sunday’s night was a good excuse though: went to see Lisa Hannigan! 377 more words

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8888 8888


I have officially booked my flights to China.

Aaahhhhhh this is so fricking exciting.

This blog is meant to have some degree of literacy and as a general rule I try to stop myself from posting all in capital letters all the time. 458 more words

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Michaelday XXVI

My birthday was last week. I think. I was on nights this weekend so I’ve no concept of which way is up never mind what day it is. 472 more words

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