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When the Tourist Becomes a Student

Although I’ve taking been taking a class in Spain for the past three weeks, it wasn’t until this week that I began the majority of my classes for the semester, which I’m taking at the local university, la Universidad de Sevilla. 481 more words

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I Thought I Spoke Spanish

So as of a couple hours ago, I have completed two full days of school at the University of Sevilla. Until yesterday, I don’t think I fully conceptualized what it means to take a university class in a language of which I am not a native speaker. 657 more words

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Meghan goes to Madrid!

This past weekend I visited the Spanish-speaking version of New York in Spain: Madrid. Substitute hot dogs for churros y tapas, and you’ve got Madrid, making it seem almost familiar. 491 more words

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Hanging Plot Threads as at the end of AFFC/ADWD

This post earned me 2015 Runner Up Post of the Year on /r/asoiaf. Only minor editing here, just remove reddit related links!

What plot threads have been left hanging from AFFC/ADWD (or all the books in general)? 2,910 more words


The Wonderful and the Subjectively Strange

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed several interesting things about living here in Sevilla. Some are interesting and wonderful, others are interesting and subjectively strange, and a few are interesting for their absence. 406 more words

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How I Make Cleaning Happen

When I was working, my husband was also working, and my kids were in daycare all day. This meant that my house was always a mess, but it would be more or less the same mess Monday through Friday, because no one was home between the hours of 7:30 a.m. 688 more words

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