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How to be a Tack Ho for $47.69

There’s a huge warehouse sale this week at one of my favourite tack stores. I had gift cards saved up since Christmas and my birthday so I only ended up spending about $47 out of pocket. 419 more words

Tack Hoarding

on breaking bread

I’ve been baking a lot lately. And by a lot, I mean a lot. Often times, patience and endurance is required with baking. You have to work the dough just enough, but not too much. 302 more words

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on all of those sleep sites

I am a relentless googler. I persist until I find exactly what I am looking for. And, like you, I spent many of those early nights with my tiny newborn googling baby sleep, naps, feeding schedules, etc. 167 more words

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How to plan a house

Andrew and I are designing a door frame right now. It’s going to be red and black and silver, with bible verses, and lines from old hymns strewn over it. 547 more words

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on why I don't coupon

I can’t be the only one who finds couponing absurdly complicated. There are the manufacturer coupons, the store coupons, online coupons, and other random discounts just found in the stores. 284 more words

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the 2 a.m. struggle

Friday night, V refused to go to sleep. She was up 20 minutes after bedtime, and proceeded to keep waking up numerous times throughout the night. 238 more words

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on loss and hope

Baking is a cathartic release for me. The mixing of flour into a hodgepodge of ingredients, the kneading of the newly formed dough, the patience required to wait as the dough rises, and then the intoxicating smell of baking bread all leading to the joy that is breaking bread. 716 more words

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