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The Year of Firsts

After a long Labor Day weekend of being matriculated into my university and doing a little exploring with my friends on Newbury Street, I entered my first week of college feeling absolutely optimistic and excited. 1,526 more words


Photo Diary - The Next Bunch

I’ve severely fallen behind on my photos, and then I went on a trip. I’m using my trip to catch up because I took a bunch of photos. 36 more words

All The Things!

be all the things.

I had a bad week. It started out okay, surprisingly. I got some things done, I got some rest, and Hurricane Irma rolled through, remnants of her at least, and I had two days off. 1,880 more words

Starting Over

An Update: Caverning, Adulting, and Some Crafting

Hello everyone!

I’m still struggling with finding a good update schedule for this little blog as I delve deeper into test mode (now less than two months away, gulp).   511 more words


Saying No

I’m bad at saying no. If someone asks me to do something, I will almost always say yes, no matter how full my plate is. That is why I end up on so many committees, with so many paid (and unpaid) gigs, subbing when I can, helping people with homework, studying with others, and doing all of my classwork while my personal life and self care suffer. 198 more words

Packing Up & Saying Good-bye

When I was about seven-years-old during Christmas time, I had written a letter to Santa Clause asking for whatever seven-year-old Kellie wanted at the time. Santa Clause had responded, of course, and began his letter with a simple phrase: … 611 more words


The Importance of Taking Time Outs

I’m the kind of person who thrives on discipline and routine.  Otherwise, I don’t have motivation to complete my goals.  There are many times I don’t really… 568 more words