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Pretty Spring Things

I don’t care if the Groundhog saw his shadow, Spring has already been making its way to Texas.*  We’ve been getting weather in the 80s (yes, the 80s).   178 more words

Pretty Things

Outrage against Milo: The Tragic Folly of the Left

Just over  a year ago, an acquaintance of mine posted a video on Facebook of a smug little shit-stain in a stripper’s cop uniform reading a list of statistics about black on black crime in a completely-missing-the-point attempt to discredit Black Live Matter protests against police violence. 1,209 more words

All The Things

blue building

The thing about depression is that it has become sort of ubiquitous–at least from my point of view–a normified mode of mental illness, oft depicted in movies and novels, seeming to insiders and outsiders both a common human experience, something that happens a lot. 2,287 more words

To my first

Dear V,

Your life is about to change forever. You’re excited. You love to kiss your baby sister, see your baby sister, do things for baby sister. 176 more words

All The Things

Easing into the New Year

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t just dive right into my New Year’s resolutions.  Some people can, and that’s great! Go you. But I find myself getting easily discouraged if I try to do ALL THE THINGS week 1.   384 more words


Hello Internet.


Why, hello there. You’ve stumbled across my little corner of the universe or, er, the Internet rather. This is my own little space that I’ve created for myself where I can document my adventures in college for all of the world to see (or not to see, depending if you care or not).

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100 Random Facts About Me 2.0

I first did a 100 Random Facts post not long after I began this blog. But that was two years ago. Some things have changed since then. 2,094 more words