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The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low

Source: The Economic Collapse Blog, by Michael Snyder

I was absolutely stunned to learn that the Baltic Dry Shipping Index had plummeted to a new all-time record low of 504 at one point on Thursday.  565 more words

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

POLL: Billboard releases "Best Rappers Of All Time" list, Spurs Online Controversy

Notable and iconic Billboard Magazine recently released it’s “Best Rappers Of All Time” list, and although the line-up is pretty solid, social media has questioned the solidarity of this list – considering Tupac Shakur was left out. 87 more words


The Greatest Horror Movies of All Time......

October 26, 2015

Hello again! Everybody had a great weekend? I hope so, because I did. Over the weekend, I came across an online article from… 114 more words


Beauty | October & all time favorites!

I haven’t done a favorite post in AGES, so it was high time you guys got to know what my favorite products are.

This post has both products that I loved using this month, but also products I actually always use and are my holy grails. 945 more words