Top 5 Blog Posts

In the wake of the ‘Hey, ottist! Paint this!’ explosion I thought I’d see where that post from 2012 now ranked in terms of all-time page views for this blog. 52 more words


When "All-time True Friends" become "No Time Old Friends"

Growing up I was that girl who’s shy on day one and would go chatting and laughing on day two until like forever. I thought this kind of personality brought me a lot of friends through the years. 1,018 more words


Top 10 Greatest Footballers/Soccer players of all time.

There are many different options on who is the greatest footballer or footballers of all time. And since we are in the middle of another World Cup filled with superstars and future legends, I would like to bring you my top 10 greatest football players I have ever witness play the game. 1,554 more words


Aproape un secol de Copa América

Încă o competiție continentală are loc în acest an, a treia. După ceea a Asiei și a Africii, a venit rândul Americii de Sud, care începe în această vineri, la a doua oră a dimineții. 2,274 more words


The GOAT Can't Exist

As a sports fan, the one thing I enjoy is getting into a good debate about sports.  Not an ignorant one (which it does go there sometimes) but a good, spirited debate about sports.  607 more words


The Indianapolis 500 winner you've never heard of

In 1933, a completely unknown driver won the Indianapolis 500.

Splashed across the front page of the May 30, 1933 World-Independent, the headline read “Overhead Wins Indianapolis Race” accompanied with an Associated Press story. 390 more words


Mandate Radio: Ep. 85 (5/20/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 85 (5/20/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio! This is I3A’s premier video gaming podcast and Pete and Frank are here to guide you through. 79 more words