The World's Richest Cats...Number 4

March 22, 2017-WOW! This next cat is one of my favourite cats of all time. It’s funny because I thought that she would be way closer to the top of the list. 134 more words


N2K's All-Time College Basketball Bracket Challenge: The Elite Eight

Only one more day away from the Final Four! The magic number is now three wins until we can crown an All-Time Bracket Champion. Some of today’s main storylines include whether or not two Duke teams will make it to the Final Four. 803 more words

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review Compilation

It’s finally here.  The newest Zelda is out in the wild and is receiving some of the highest praise since Ocarina of Time. It still remains if the high critical praise will be mirrored once users have played through the game. 1,366 more words


Top 10 most underrated movies of all-time

Cult classic satire space adventure movie Starship Troopers is 20 years old this year. The hilarious film is essentially Beverly Hills 90210 mixed with Hairy Legged Freaks, Star Wars, Robocop and Aliens. 1,674 more words


Top 5 Sports Movies To Watch

  1. Rocky-great feel good movie
  2. Rudy – makes you want to play sports
  3. Remember the Titans – gives that team feel
  4. Facing the Giants  – IDK just a dope movie…
  5. 12 more words

NFL Quarterback Rakings

For what it’s worth, here are my current (as of Feb 2017) rankings of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. The ‘Num’ column on the far right indicates my opinion of QB ranking. 201 more words


Kelsey Plum's Chase for #1

Thanks to Graham for this question on Whale. Graham asked about Kelsey Plum and whether she will break the record?

“What record?” you might ask. 261 more words