Top 6 movies of all time- Doug

Trying to pick a top 10 is just to challenging for me to do. A top 6 is a lot easier! So here it is…in no order because, I flip flop when it comes to them. 18 more words


What Is The Best Christmas Movie...EVER?!??

Things got HEATED on The Joe and Alex Show today for #JoeWantsToKnow!

Joe’s question this week…

What is the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE…ever?!?

Everyone has their favorite…what’s YOURS?!?

The Joe And Alex Show

Top 10 Of All Time

Hello! Welcome to Top 10 Of All Time. Here you will learn the top ten artist of all time. You will also learn the top ten songs. 33 more words


Best Ska Bands of All Time

The trend of music in the world is always changing, creating new genres, as well as the merger of the genre of music. As well as bands from different genres, some are still holding out and there are also already couldn’t survive in the music Industry. 601 more words

All Time

Top 5 highest-grossing horror movies of all time

Stephen King’s IT is being so successful right now and arguably the best movie of 2017 (so far). It has drawn attention back to the horror genre which is good news for us hardcore horror fans. 130 more words