The Greatest Starting Five of All Time

Many basketball players have come and gone through the NBA. However, few NBA players have come into the league and have left their mark in the record books. 357 more words


Top 10 Favorite Book Series/Trilogies Of All Time

10. Stage Dive by Kylie Scott

I don’t like New Adult/Erotica books that much, but these books got me good and somehow it became one of my all time favorite series. 789 more words


My Personal Top 10

My Favourite 10 Films:

Every person who indulges in the passion, will have a quintessential list of their favourite films of all time and ones that always stick out in their mind. 1,555 more words


10 WORST Live-Action Superhero Costumes of All Time

The history of superheroes is rich with amazing and horrible costumes. It is time we took a look at the worst of the worst costumes our favorite heroes were forced to wear. 1,088 more words

DC Comics

The Top 10 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time

If there’s one thing we can all agree on…it’s TV! It’s the greatest invention of all time. We spend countless mind numbing hours in front of the boob tube, so much so that binge watching is now a term in the dictionary! 90 more words


The Greatest Breakfast Cereals of All Time

We’ve got a list of the best cereals of all time, but it comes with a warning:  It’s clear a lot of the votes are based on nostalgia, because four of the top 10 were discontinued before 1980. 104 more words


Top 5 My Inner Medium Posts of All Time!

As I continue to develop the idea I call The Passionate Why the amount of time I am able to give to this blog is dwindling. 598 more words

Eckhart Tolle