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Around the World in Clay - and Back to the Americas!

By Ariel Edwards, Clay Art Center Community Arts Director

I can’t think of anything more challenging than middle school. Here at Clay Art Center we offer programming for ages 3-99 and I can pinpoint the exact age that this outreach becomes a struggle-thirteen! 743 more words

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Hanging out with my bro; LVL Motocross!

Today I’ll tell you about my Sunday. It started like any other Sunday – Lazy. I was watching series on my laptop and pondering what to cook, while my mom read her book, dad was at the Fire drill (he and my mom are both volunteer firefighters) and my brother did god knows what. 462 more words

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8 tricks to get your professor’s attention and why?

Now you might want to ask what the heck is wrong with me. No one wants professor’s attention. Everyone just wants to be left alone and sleep in the back of the class if they REALLY have to be there at all. 814 more words

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5th chocolate festival in Radovljilca

The Chocolate Festival takes place in the old town center of Radovljica, in Linhart Square, in The World’s Largest Chocolate Bar Square, the Chocolate Park, the Chocolate Square, the Radovljica Manor and the Chocolate Dessert Square. 298 more words

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Authors Wagon with Stephen Clarkson

Hey guys I’m aspiring author Stephen Clarkson. I’m currently working full time as a Civil Engineer and write in any spare time I manage to find.

1,120 more words
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The Aurora Band

Oh my gosh this #hair device is incredible :) I first discovered it when my friend used it and her hair was just incredible, she looked so stunning and gorgeous :) 284 more words

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Colors and symbols in notes

Hello everyone! We came to the second part of this series! How awesome is that? I’d say it’s pretty amazing, because I usually get bored of stuff before I get to the second part… (Ahem, ignore I said that.) 435 more words

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