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VIP Interview #1 : John Sennett

And I’m back to the interviews! did anyone miss them? No?… Well yeah probably none of you reads this blog from the very beginning and I can’t hold that against you. 549 more words

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#shitablepeoplesay ; The disability

If you’re on Twitter I’m quite sure you stumbled upon the #shitablepeoplesay hashtag, if not. Well, this post will not help you understand what’s it about because I’m not going to write about the hashtag. 631 more words

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The art of Perception - I want you to…

This post might be a bit different from what I wrote up until now. But since I always write all over the place, I guess not. 547 more words

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FRESHLY FUNK: Lauren Skelly online gallery and Q&A

Lauren Skelly answers some of our questions about her solo show (running July 23-September 17)

Always with Turtles, 4″x4″x4″, $50

Constructing Awkward Beauty, Site Specific Dimensions, POR… 637 more words

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Feminism and equality

As promised in my post “Feminism at it’s best” (where I didn’t exactly talk about feminism but about a female with a bad attitude) I will write a post about feminism.   1,110 more words

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D*ck pics and nudes

Oh yes, we’re back to the “kinky topics”. Remember my post “How to compare bloody and hard, in a right way?”.

As a person who uses Kik, I often come across random nude pictures and those of male genitalia. 635 more words

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40 thoughts after midnight

As some of you know and others don’t, one of my part-time jobs is being a night receptionist in a hotel. I basically just sit here and do nothing, unless the waiters get lazy and I have to clean instead of them. 1,278 more words

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