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PKK attacks on Turkish military | 2018

R&U Videos strongly condemns terrorism in any shape or form but contrary to the mainstream media we insisting on providing our subscribers with access to videos from all sides of the armed conflicts

The Midterms Matter

If you still don't think the midterms will affect you, @BarackObama is back to spell out just how important they are https://t.co/5dghmZwp2m

NowThis (@nowthisnews) September 08, 2018

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"When Houthis Attack" - XXXII | September 2018 | Yemen

On September 12, the Houthis repelled a large offensive of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemen proxies on their positions in the area of “Kilo 16” between the district center of al-Durayhimi and the city of al-Hudaydah on the western Yemeni coast

Idlib vs Yemen: does the US government really care about civilians? | September 11th 2018

Does the US government really care about the lives of civilians or just using it as an excuse to attack those whom they consider their enemies? 21 more words

Documentary: People of Raqqa - 11 months after ISIS | September 2018 | Syria

Russian TV channel “Russia-24” documentary about the lives of the Raqqa residents during the rule of ISIS, liberation, and their lives post ISIS