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Restrung — Full Documentary

He had always considered making guitars a passion, not an occupation. In 2007, Randall Wyn Fullmer, an ordinary guy with a cat, decided to turn his life-long hobby into a full-out obsession. 107 more words

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12-Year-old Joe Bonamassa Opens for B.B King in 1989 — Video

In 1989, Joe Bonamassa played over 20 shows with Blues guitar legend B.B. King. Booked as King’s opening act, it was an amazing early opertunity for the young player, and in the footage below you can see him in action at one of those performances. 77 more words

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Joe Satriani Performs Live in Front of 300,000 in 1991 — Video

In November 1991, a free concert in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, CA) was organized in honor of impresario and rock concert promoter Bill Graham who had died earlier that year. 173 more words

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Vintage Online Lesson: Zakk Wylde - Pentatonic Hardcore (1997)

In 1997, metal-guitar-god Zakk Wylde’s agreed to participate in an instructional video produced in Japan for Young Guitar magazine called “Pentatonic Hardcore.” The video gives fantastic insight into Wylde’s approach to soloing and the specific techniques he employs to achieve his unique sound. 66 more words

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Eight Years Ago


In '08, this was the time @davidaxelrod asked to see the NH concession speech.

To which @rhodes44 and I replied, "What concession speech?"

60 more words
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An Up-Close Look at Gary Moore's Guitars "Plugging Into History" — Video

Tomorrow marks the five year anniversary (6 February 2011) of the death of British blues legend Gary Moore. An absolute giant of the guitar world, in his passing he left behind not only an incredible body of work, but also the beautiful collection of guitars he used to create some his finest pieces of music… 131 more words

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The Joy of the Guitar Riff — Full Documentary

From Chuck Berry through to the White Stripes, this excellent BBC FOUR documentary traces the ebb and flow of the guitar riff over the last 60 years of popular music. 38 more words

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