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2016 / Alisa Sadler
Apparel + Fashion Designer
photographs for LinkedIn & Website

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Netball Pe 1.1

Level of participation:


I placed myself at a merit level because I believe that I actively participated with effort and I tried to work towards achieving the goal of the netball game, which was to be the team to score the most goals by the end of the game. 449 more words

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Crossfit challenge pe 1.1 

Date unknown- Level of participation:


For my participation in the cross fit challenge I placed myself at a merit level because I believe I actively participated with effort and engagement. 491 more words

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“The task, bring back or rethink an old idea, toy or game using new technologies as part of a convergent media campaign. I chose the arcade classic, Pac Man!” 496 more words



The Challenge
• Create a new-to-world, accessible, mass-market beauty brand that breaks established category codes.
• Your brand should be a response to some of the issues with which modern, post-demographic consumers identify: gender stereotypes, healthy body image, environmental concerns, or any other issues you feel are relevant to users of beauty products today. 73 more words