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So recently I went on a trip to Middlesbrough for the weekend, and you know, despite the usual sights of people throwing up on street corners after a night out, it was a really good trip. 223 more words

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Monday – Individual learning

Tuesday – Pathway work

Wednesday – Video(film) in the morning and Lecture in the afternoon

Thursday – Individual learning

Guest Lectures… 42 more words

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This is a poster design that I created for a university project, the task was to design a poster for Warhorse the theater production coming to Sunderland on tour. 55 more words

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Old favorites

Wow, so it’s been a while since I blogged, I’ve been caught up so much in university, but here I am. This was a photo of my previous Bauhaus work, looking back at some of my old favorite works…. 83 more words

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Lino Printing

We were supposed to be carrying out a task that included using the printing press but there was a fault with it and it wasn’t working. 381 more words

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Photography Presentation

For the photography pathway we have been asked to go onto the Victoria and Albert website and research the portraiture. We need to find at least 10 portraits that we could use to influence our own images. 348 more words

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