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Cart model

This is my old cart that was used to transport goods and people in the ancient china, I started making plank like models for the framework which was rather easy but the hardest part came when I modelled the wheels because I wasn’t able to make all the spokes and the wheel so I had to texture the wheel from a cylinder which took a while but I think it came out rather well

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Project 5 Week 2

this week I was able to model two things for my locational work but didn’t have the time to texture them, that is what I will be doing next week, I modelled my cart for my transportation and a prop for the scene which was the Chinese imperial lion, for that model I am planning on making a normal map for to increase the detail

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Project 5 Notes

Diffuse – this is a color map that has no light reflections and is a base texture

Specular – is the mirror-like reflection of light from a surface, in which light from a single incoming direction and is reflected into a single outgoing direction… 52 more words

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Project 5 week 1

for this first week we got into our teams and discussed what we were going to do as far as our 3D models go and we also made a plan to all of our work through out the week and then we wrote a timed plan so we wouldn’t go over our time limits.

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The Sea and putting ideas together.

For me the sea is an escape. When I look out, any worries I have either disintegrate or I have time to consider them properly. There is no sense of time when I look out, just the endless body of water constantly changing but also always there to come back to. 103 more words



This is my finished 3D model

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About My Untitled Project

The game I am planning to make I want to give it a character that you play at the same time as making it a management strategy game, the general premise is that you are just some random person off the street in the 1920s during the American prohibition and you start off with nothing but an apartment and you can gain more money by extorting shops and mugging people gaining more and more money and eventually buying business and hiring henchmen and you will work your way up through the criminal empire and ending the game as the leader of your own mob with your own family, henchmen and home mansion. 193 more words

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