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To bead, or not to bead, that is the question ....

I have not been able to work on jewelry for a while with a big move going on around our house. Our son in law was almost killed as a pedestrian while jogging when he was run down by an SUV . 1,847 more words


Chinese Imperial Lion

This is my model for the Chinese imperial lion, this model took me a  while to make due to the complexity of the model and the texture, I tried to make a normal map for this model but due to my personal skill and time we had to do the project but I was able to make it this to the best of my ability.

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Chinese Temple

This is my model of the classic Chinese temple with basic texturing, this is the first model I did and was rather complex to get all the shapes in the right place and some of the textures were very complex, and due to the time restrictions on my project I wasn’t able to go back and redo the model and the texturing.

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Cart model

This is my old cart that was used to transport goods and people in the ancient china, I started making plank like models for the framework which was rather easy but the hardest part came when I modelled the wheels because I wasn’t able to make all the spokes and the wheel so I had to texture the wheel from a cylinder which took a while but I think it came out rather well

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Project 5 Week 2

this week I was able to model two things for my locational work but didn’t have the time to texture them, that is what I will be doing next week, I modelled my cart for my transportation and a prop for the scene which was the Chinese imperial lion, for that model I am planning on making a normal map for to increase the detail

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Formative Assessment

Now we have reached the end of the 3 week formative assessment I feel ready to really crack on with the display for my work. Doing an assessment  in this format has been really beneficial. 119 more words