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Boise State's Women's Basketball

Tasked with trying to get more student involvement at Boise State’s Varsity Women’s Basketball games Tyler create this short documentary to try and get fans to invest in stories around the team.

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The Wind

The Wind is a short found-footage horror film written and directed by Boise State Graduate Ashley Abel. Tyler worked on this film as the Director of Photography.

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...And Beyond

And Beyond is a 3 episode sequential television show that was developed through the Narrative Television Initiative at Boise State University. Tyler worked as 1st Assistant Camera under Lincoln Lewis for Episodes 1 & 3, and worked as the Director of Photography in episode 2.  13 more words

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Carded is a short film written, shot, and edited by Tyler as a part of the capstone project for his Bachelor’s Degree.

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Dave Crosses The Border

          Dave Crosses the Border is an interesting and thoughtful story that encases the various adventures that Dave has had when visiting the border. Throughout the story we are able to see the backstory of Dave and his experiences with the Border cross. 289 more words


Murphy's Bar Mitzvah

          Murphy’s Bar Mitzvah, one of the many stories Stuart Mclean has told throughout his career. Though the story was likely intended to be humorous the message the story is attempting to convey is important in relation to people’s everyday life. 312 more words


Game Jam: Shoving Match

Recently took some time and did a game jam with a friend of mine; Jason Cavnar. We worked on a small, fast paced, two-player competitive game where each player attempts to push the other out of the ring while also dodging hazards that try to eliminate the player. 31 more words