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Hodai Dam: Picnic and Hiking

Located not too far from the Kanayama Dam, the Hodai Dam is nestled comfortably in the rolling mountains of central Kamogawa. The path that circles around the reservoir is paved, well maintained, and limits access to authorized vehicles only, making it a great place to visit for walkers, runners, and cyclists. 241 more words


Kanayama Dam: All Seasons Hiking

Located on the outskirts of Kamgawa City, Chiba Prefecture, the Kanayama Dam sits deep within the mountains that outline Kamogawa’s north western edge. Visitors to the dam be warned, that depending on the size of your vehicle, access to the dam may be limited, also the dam may or may not be haunted (but more on that later). 249 more words


Biwa Club: Connecting you to what's Local

The Biwa Club, located in Minami-Bōsō’s Tomiura City, is likely one of the most beautiful farmers’ markets in the southern Boso region.

Biwa is Japanese for, “loquat,” and if you have never heard of a loquat, which is likely, it is an orange fruit slightly similar to apricot and Chiba Prefecture is famous for them. 246 more words


BLESSINGS: Christmas All Year

Blessings and Christmas remind me that I’m special.

If you go into the odd shopping mall, you may still see Christmas decor. Or more annoyingly, you may still hear Christmas jingles that have been playing since last October. 364 more words

Christian Living

A Home of Wonders, Tai-no-Ura Bay!

When the Holy Priest Nichiren Shonin returned home to Kominato in 1264 for his ancestor’s memorial service, he prayed facing the sea as he wrote the Lotus Sutra. 489 more words


Not Just the Reason for the Season

I was watching a flash mob video last night. It was the song from The Sound of Music – Do-Re-Mi and they were dancing in Antwerp station. 405 more words