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2-in-1: Almond milk and almond cream, lemon or liquorice raw food balls

To make your own almond milk free from additives is easy. But, I think it’s a shame to throw out the leftovers. Use them to make almond cream or raw food balls.  374 more words

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Self Realization Fellowship: An Oasis between major streets

Pacific Palisades is full of unexpected treasures. A waterfall on top of a mountain, the Eames House 408 more words

#18: Share in a Scandinavian way at Rikhardinkadun kirjasto (Rikhardinkatu library)

What would Finland be without public libraries, cosy social, cultural and communication hubs scattered all over the country?

Helsinki can of course boast with some of the oldest libraries in Finland. 276 more words

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Foodcourt skating rink in Akropolis

One of the more unusual ways to spend an afternoon in Vilnius is at the Akropolis shopping mall ice rink. This all-year skating hall in one of the biggest shopping malls in the city, just north of the centre, is surrounded on three sides by the mall’s food court, so you can tuck into a spot of sushi, or pizza, while watching people slip and slide for the 45-minute sessions. 43 more words


#15: Climb the highest point of Helsinki

The highest point in Helsinki lies in staggering 91m above sea level: on top of Malminkartanonhuippu hill located in Malminkartano (yes.). Adjacent to one of Vantaa’s rougher neighbourhoods, Myyrmäki. 374 more words

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#13: Visit the mystical Island of Worms (Matosaari)

This island just off Jollas (just after Lauttasaari) – or a peninsula, as it has been connected to the mainland sometime in late 19th century – has one heavily loaded karma. 264 more words

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#12: Explore Helsinki Synagogue

Visible to thousands of Helsinki inhabitants and commuters to the capital city passing Kamppi every day, yet very few locals know the answer when you ask them where the Synagogue is. 385 more words

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