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Peanut Butter

Go into a supermarket, pick up a jar of peanut butter and read the ingredients on the label. Chances are it contains palm oil, and possibly corn syrup. 210 more words

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9 Simple Habits To Start Now and Keep All Year

According to a study by European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes about 66 days to ingrain a new habit into your routine. It’s a good idea to start now, so you’ll reap the benefits all year. 816 more words


Skyzone Trampoline Park


Trampolines are not just for kids anymore. Skyzone Trampoline Park in — is Canada’s largest indoor trampoline park and offers activities that both kids and adults can enjoy. 76 more words

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Raita - yogurt sauce with cucumber and mint

Raita is a sauce made from yogurt and cucumber. It is often served with spicy food, for example Baingan Bharta since the yogurt is cooling. The sauce is very quick and easy to make. 88 more words

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Indoor Skydiving

The iFLY Toronto experience

Ever wanted to try skydiving without the ‘jumping-from-a-plane’ part? Then this looks like a great alternative.

The pricing is a little high for a typical day adventure, but compared to the real thing it’s probably still a good deal (and on the plus side you won’t be plummeting through the sky to your possible death).

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2-in-1: Almond milk and almond cream, lemon or liquorice raw food balls

To make your own almond milk free from additives is easy. But, I think it’s a shame to throw out the leftovers. Use them to make almond cream or raw food balls.  374 more words

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Self Realization Fellowship: An Oasis between major streets

Pacific Palisades is full of unexpected treasures. A waterfall on top of a mountain, the Eames House 408 more words