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Zero Wing (Genesis) is the Retro Game of the Day for 20 May, 2016

Yep.  Zero Wing.

Sure, let’s admit it: it’s not a really great game.  At best, it’s an above average horizontally scrolling shooter with one fairly neat little gimmick of capturing small enemy ships to use as a shield/one-use projectile.   205 more words

All Your Base "Move Zig" Shirts

Because I pride myself on being ‘hip’ and ‘with it.’

For great justice, take off every ‘Zig.’

Move Zig Hollow Letters • Move Zig Solid Letters


All your base your base, base, base... is 15 years old

Yep, someone set us up this classic 15 years ago. All Your Base spread like the Black Death, and while symptoms were similar, the 1337 as they were known back then, were content knowing that something as trivial as a few lines from Zero Wing were enough, at one stage, to get the world* into a frenzy. 102 more words