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Mitz the Snow Leopard EP4

(everyone but Phantom Mitz (black snow leopard) surprised)

Phantom Mitz: Tee hee! You can’t catch me! (starts running to Mitz’s house)

Mitz: C’mon guys! Get him! 222 more words


Arctic Anthropologist as Arctic Centre Director?

Dear all readers worldwide.

The University of Lapland advertises internationally the position for a new director of the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi. It is one of the leading research centres on Arctic Research with a fairly even composition of social and natural scientists. 101 more words


The Worst Reality Shows Of ALL TIME (Well, So Far)

People try to hit it big all the time with a reality TV show. Out of all the shows that have made it here are the 22 worst of all time. 20 more words


How to disappear completely

I first came to Centenera when my life in England rose up tight and choking around me and made it impossible to breathe. I’d finished a degree in Sculpture and done well in it, well enough that I felt no need right away to come to any kind of honest terms with the delusional self-importance of such absurd hyper-cultural collusion, rolled tight in the rug I’d woven around myself over three exhausting years of supervision and unwilling still to pick apart its coddling threads. 533 more words


Are You My Home?

I’ve tried to write this a thousand times, but no words seem good enough for you. I can’t explain how you make me think, feel, what you make me say and do. 458 more words


BC Wine Report - First Look at the 2014 Vintage

by DJ Kearney

Could be a thriller. Warm but balanced, long from start to finish and uniquely even across all six of British Columbia’s winegrowing areas, 2014 looks like a stunner… and a keeper. 990 more words