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A Mindless Ramble: Wrestling with Myself

Side note: I was thinking of opening an Etsy shop and sell prints of my photography. Like pictures from my instagram (@jessrjoseph) or from this blog. 367 more words


Cocktail 8.3 (Yosemite Edition): Tom's Mac Software Pick

by Tom Nelson

Path Finder 7 from Cocoatech is a Finder replacement that brings superior file management capabilities to the Mac.

Image courtesy of Maintain… 43 more words


Friends for always?

Olá amigas!

My first book in the Choose Your Own Ever After series – How to Get to Rio is now out in Portuguese! The front cover is looking just as cute as ever, but there’s a new title – … 172 more words


Web App Conclusions

In this conclusion I will look at what I may do differently next time and what I think went well .

– I would get my own hosting instead of testing locally, as on several occasions it worked on my local machine but not on the server.  176 more words


Overview of Almost Finished Web App

As we approach the deadline Chris and myself are franticly trying to work out some bugs in the site, the worst being the failed login message appearing on the wrong page, it sounds a simple fix but is proving elusive? 158 more words


Net Neutrality

BBC News Technology (2014) using the analogy of net neutrality as a train, suggests that all the passengers (data) would be treated equally and that  there would be no extra charges for those who can pay and continuing the analogy suggests that without net neutrality it would be like first and second class on trains. 164 more words



A project I’ve been working on at “Mécanique Générale” :