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to him

I doubt that he’s reading this but in the chances that he might be. hi. hello. are you doing okay? how’s your mom? your sister? I know you don’t talk to your dad much… I’m sorry for that by the way. 405 more words


The Burners: Part 1 - Rebirth of the Ashenrise Regio

The “Burners” is a campaign set in Lyonesse starting in the year 879. The story begins with four wanderers in the Lyonesse bound together by their mutually unsatisfactory dealings with the dread necromancer Tov Morden. 11,316 more words


8/23/16 Show feat. Matt Grobis on the emergent properties of groups

Schools of fish, like these and the minnows Matt Grobis studies, display behaviors as a group that they cannot replicate as individuals. Image from: Octavio Aburto at Scripps School of Oceanography, UCSD… 645 more words