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Get Ready for Flu Season!

The 2018-2019 flu season is upon us.  It is important to begin getting your vaccination now.  The flu shot takes about 2 weeks to work and your immunity will last through the spring. 209 more words


Senior Class Big Picture

The senior class big picture will be on this Friday, September 21st during the activity period.  English teachers are passing out order forms to purchase a copy of this picture today.  75 more words



I’m happily back on US soil and excruciatingly tired after a long ass flight. One flight to go.


My Predicament with Love.

I need to get this off my chest.

I have a difficulty with the concept of love.

The idea of loving someone and them loving me back is one that I continuously struggle with. 843 more words


You Always Have A Choice..

All of us have pity parties at times in our lives. We bemoan that we didn’t get the breaks in life that so many others did.  277 more words



Due to a technical fault outside of our control our phone-line is currently down.

It’s been re-directed to our mobile, but signal is very poor on the farm. 11 more words