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How frequent your attempts are to gain favour with the people.
How seldom your attempts are to gain favour with Allah!

– Hikam –


Ramadaan Series {Day 11} - How Many Rak’ahs is Sunnah for Tarawih Prayer?

3 of the 4 Imams said 20 is Sunnah.

Imam Maalik (rh) said 33 is Sunnah.

Others said more.

Hanbalis generally say 20.

How do we explain this? 136 more words


Qur'an Reflections: al-Rahman al-Raheem


It’s that time of year again where my inner voice reminds me that I’m not doing a good a job in reading the Qur’an as I should. 979 more words

Escaping The Castle

This was originally written in 2016 for the 2nd edition of Fajr Lifestyle Magazine. It’s the only time I wrote a short story of proper length and Islamic content. 2,033 more words


Ramadaan Series {Day 10} - Fasting Ramadaan Whilst Travelling or Sick

For the traveller, we say the one who has travelled 48 miles after leaving the last home of their city they become a traveller.

  • If this traveller finds it difficult to fast it is an obligation not to fast…
  • 89 more words

Ramadaan Series {Day 9} – Great Victories in Ramadaan

This month was an opening in the Ummah with many great victories including Badr and many others so try to make this month an opening for you to do something monumental. 41 more words