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Ahh I don’t know what I want anymore !! Where is their anger, confusion, hate stemming from ?! Ahh.

3:55 a.m , I’m unhappy. But I just finished praying . 149 more words



Folks know what they like
And they like what they know.
Full stop, and it usually ends there!
With an unwillingness to change? 755 more words


Knowledge of Deen

Never have I felt the satisfaction as I felt on that day. My kitab close to heart and few pens. And I walked to haven. I sat and listened to the words of my beloved… oh how blown away was I? 320 more words

7 Under The Shade of Allah

An explanation and commentary on the hadith by Sheikh Tariq Appleby حفظه الله:

The best ways a Muslim can spend his time is by studying the Sunnah of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم after that of the study of the holy Quran. 2,595 more words

The Heroes Legacy

Muslim diaries -7- Four Keys!

What if in the blink of an eye you understand years of existence… 565 more words


Don't Fall Apart

Don’t fall apart

When light fades away

Look deep in your heart

Allah will aid your way
Nothing feels wrong

While nature sings songs

Days go along… 23 more words


My stepmom

My stepmom

She was a small woman. 5’3. She was pale with green eyes. Yet still Pakistani. She welcomed me, she cooked my food, she gave me company, she defended me, she fixed and mended my clothes. 840 more words