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A Righteous and Jaahil Person

One of the people of the past said, the righteous and intelligent person is the one who perfects his faraaid and a jaahil is the one who gives precedence to the optional actions and fadaail over the obligatory actions. 30 more words


Retarded ISIS Truckers Deliver Peace to Your Door

Fifty generations of divinely encouraged Muslim incest has created a raft of retarded Jihadi truck drivers, too dumb to use firearms, who favor Islamic Frogger over the traditional cargo of explosives. 2,236 more words


Always Repent for Your Bad Deeds

  1. A man came to Ibn al Jawzi (rh) and said, I want to divorce my wife, I’m tired of her and so on. Ibn Jawzi (rh) replied, you need to sit somewhere quiet and repent to Allah.
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Who created Allah?

Warning: This article might cause headaches. (Knowledge of cosmology might lessen the headaches.)

Context (Al Big Bang)

The Big Bang Theory puts forward that 13.7 BILLION years ago, all the matter in the universe (watch the video) was concentrated into a single INCREDIBLY TINY point.  330 more words