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What stage are we at then ...?

To date 27th July 2016

We have published the first four chapter of Jahmil’s story.
Jahmil is a character in the novel “Freedom Once Lived” 72 more words


Allah is guardian

And ALLAH is sufficient as a guardian. And ALLAH is sufficient as a helper.


Rasa Takut Itu

Malam itu hujan turun bergerombol dengan riang gembira menuju muka bumi. Suasana menjadi dingin sejadi-jadinya. Saat aku mengharapkan rasa sejuk untuk menggantikan panas siang sebelumnya, dingin malam itu justru terasa menusuk. 133 more words


Are we being punished?

By Alveena Salim

I’ve often thought about this whenever I’ve gone through hardships in my life.
Only recently I’ve learnt that when one is truly being punished for their sins, the last thing they want to believe is that is God is punishing you for your wrong doings. 312 more words


Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

Many Christians seem to be split on the question if Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Afterall Allah is the Arabic term for God. The Quran and the Bible make similar claims as to who God is. 534 more words


Would the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Be Vegan Today?

Episode Transcript

This is episode 14 of Mohamed Ghilan’s podcast with yours truly as your host. I really do appreciate you listening and if you haven’t subscribed yet I invite you to do so. 3,507 more words