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"I use it (the cape) to capture the hearts of the sons of Adam."

Abdu’l-Rahiman Ibn Ziyad Ibn An’um said: ‘While Musa (‘alayhis salaam) was in a gathering, Iblees came wearing a hooded cape that changed in colors. When the devil came nearer he took off the cape and set it down and came to Musa saying: ‘Peace be upon you.’ Musa replied: ‘Who are you?’ He said: ‘I am Iblees.’ Musa responded: ‘No greetings from Allah to you, what brought you here?’ The devil said: ‘I came to greet you because of your high godly status.’ Musa said: ‘What have I seen you wearing?’ Iblees replied: ‘I use it (the cape) to capture the hearts of the sons of Adam.’ Musa asked: ‘What is it that if a human does will enable you to take him over?’ He replied: ‘If he becomes fond of himself, and considered his (good) deeds plentiful. 144 more words


Saturday, 18th April, 2015.

Cameron Tells Wales

     The current Wasteminster Prime Minister spoke in Builth Wells this week.   I don’t know who he spoke to, but I know a little of drivel he talked. 189 more words

Welsh Affairs

When two Shaytaans met !

Ibn Abee ad-Dunya (رحمه الله) quoted one of the pious predecessors as saying: “A shaytaan met another shaytaan and asked him: ‘Why do I see you pale?’ He replied: ‘I am with a man who mentions the Name of Allaah when he starts eating, so I am unable to eat with him. 137 more words


"The enemy never lets his attention slip.”

“Iblees tricks people in whatever way he can, and his power over them increases and decreases according to their alertness or negligence, their ignorance or knowledge.  68 more words


The Combined Forces 17

The Combined Forces (Al Ahzab) 17: Say: “Who is he who can protect you from Allah if He intends to harm you, or intends mercy on you?” And they will not find, besides Allah, for themselves any Wali (protector, supporter, etc.) or any helper.

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Subtle Hypocrisy

Subtle hypocrisy is a major cause of pain for the Muslim ummah. The following chain of logical links should make this clear:

1. Do you believe in God? 230 more words