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The Blessing of Sleep 

Sleep. Something that many people take for granted. I mean it comes naturally to us. We get tired and we go to sleep. Right?

But what about us who lay there every night wishing they could just fall asleep? 459 more words


Fasting Is Rewarded By Allah Himself

Allah mentions in a Hadith Qudsi, which literally means that it, meaning fasting, is for Him, because a person is refraining from halal things for such a long time so Allah Himself will reward the person. 52 more words


What is The Greatest Name Of Allah?

That by which if He is called with, He Answers

Allah, as mentioned by Abu Hanifa (rh).

Al Hayy, Al Qayyum according to some and some say it’s any of the Names of Allah.


Internalising and Acting Upon The Names and Attributes of Allah

As a scholar of the past mentioned, we should internalise all the Names and Attributes of Allah and make them part of our character and call upon Him using them. 35 more words


Friday Reflections

Sheikhul Islam, Imam Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله‎‎ was asked,”What is the cure for a person who has been gripped with illness? A person who is in the clasp of destruction? 752 more words