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Ex-Muslim: “Islam is Worse Than Nazism”

Islam is Worse Than Nazism
by Serkan Engin

I am an atheist author and poet, who had lived as a Sunni Muslim for 23 years from birth, and I am still living in a Muslim country, Turkey. 1,418 more words

This tells us all we need to know about Islam

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This tells us all we need to know about Islam. /via @MashedAllah

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Many people want expensive things such as Gucci purses, Armani watches and Louis Vuitton bags. Other people want to succeed in life. But, how can we get all those things? 101 more words


Boudica BPI Weblog Monthly Archives: April 2009

Monthly Archives: April 2009

Obama throwing Israel under the bus.

Posted on 04, 30, 09 by boudicabpi

NETANYAHU vs ISLAMObama:  NATIONALISM vs INTERNATIONALISM According to a classified intelligence assessment handed to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, U.S. 971 more words


I see a little child …
Helpless wounded ….
Lamenting over the loss of her parents…
A cloud of rockets
Ram into the frozen landscape…. 142 more words


Jangan semena-mena dalam menawar. Bisa jadi uang yang tak seberapa dapat menyelamatkan hidup mereka.

Video ini dibuat oleh aktor Bollywood, Varun Pruthi yang memerankan sendiri seorang penjual kelapa di pinggir jalan.

Seorang pembeli lalu datang, dan marah-marah kepada penjual kelapa itu. 257 more words


Having a Disabled Child

The Muhaddith, Shaykh, Allamaa’ Muhammad Nasiruddeen al-Albaani was asked:

A woman went to the hospital and the doctors aborted her four month old foetus, with the argument that the woman had German Measles or measles, and if we did not abort it, it would have come out deformed or mentally disabled; what is your opinion? 1,336 more words