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What is Sincerity?

  • Some of the righteous of the past mentioned that sincerity is that you ask no one to witness your deeds except Allah!
  • Others said that sincerity is when one remains blind to his own good deeds.
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It's Everything ⏲

He knows when to PUT YOU IN, and when to PULL YOU OUT. Believe in His timing 🙏🏽🙏🏽🌹


Meraih Keberkahan dengan Harta Halal

Al Raghib rahimahullah berkata,

البركة هي ثبوت الخير الإلهي في الشيء

“Barakah adalah tetapnya kebaikan ilahi pada sesuatu.”

Ketahuilah bahwa yang terpenting dalam urusan harta dan rizki bukanlah pada sedikit atau banyaknya. 1,624 more words


God plans best,

God is great, he knows what’s best for us. And keeping a strong connection with Him is so important. He will save you from a lot of things, you might not understand it then and there and it might hurt a lot but…. 23 more words


Tadabbur (pondering) During the Salaah

Ibn Taymiyyah (rh) said, if a person concentrates too much on tajweed during the prayer, they are missing the primary purpose! Tadabbur!