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To the people I love...❤

To the people I love:
What I wish most for you above all else, is to be content with getting close to God. Closeness to Him is a journey with many highs, and many more lows. 471 more words


Doing Istighfar After Sunnah Prayers

Doing istighfar after Sunnah prayers seems to be permissible as some of the people of the past did it as narrated by Ibn Rajab (rh). A scholar of the past said that it’s allowed due to the generality of the narrations that mention doing istighfar after Salaah.


Benefits of the Prescribed Daily Prayers (Salah)

What are the benefits of the five daily prayers (salah)? How does it benefit us in the afterlife as well as in this world? 787 more words


Two years on WordPress!

Yes, you got it right. Spot on. I survived for two prolonged years on WordPress.

You heard me, right?
And you heard me right!

Let’s get started with a Thank You as per the regulations say.

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Diseases of the Heart part 3

So in this post I’m going to share what we learnt about the next disease of the heart: kibr.

Kibr is the Arabic word for pride or arrogance, when someone considers themselves superior to others.

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Just saying

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Just saying