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new piece: 'Ottoman Child'

new piece: ‘Ottoman Child’ … listen!

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A Pilgrim’s Progress- Around Haji Ali Dargah

By Neel Anil Panicker

Raghav felt a tug and turned around to find sickly fingers pulling at the edges of his shirt sleeves. 766 more words

Reason for the hardship...

Perhaps that heartbreak was sent to you so you could help others now going through the same pain, perhaps it was so you could learn forgiveness, maybe it was so you could learn how to practise Sabr (patience), or maybe it was so you see the flaws in your choices/character… 34 more words


Q&A with Khalifatul Maseeh | Will the people who haven't heard about Islam / Ahmadiyyat be punished by God?

Source: youtube.com/TrueIslam

Question: Will the people who haven’t heard about Islam / Ahmadiyyat be punished by God? 

Answered By Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad (ra), fourth Caliph of Hazrath Mirz Ghulam ahmad Qadiani (pbuh) who is the Promised Messiah of all Religions / Maseeh-e-Maood wa Mahdi-e-Maood of Muslims Hazrath Mirza ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as) 70 more words

The Muslim Times


“Berusaha untuk mendapatkan  kebahagiaan tanpa rasa kehadiran Allah adalah seperti mencoba untuk memiliki hari yang cerah tanpa matahari.” ~AW Tozer



Gratitude comes from the Latin word (Gratus) meaning thankful. Gratitude itself means to be thankful, to show appreciation, to put forth an action in physical term to express how you feel about Allah, a favor, things and people. 1,385 more words


అల్లాహ్ కు వున్న 99 పేర్లు ఏమిటి ?

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అల్లాహ్ కు వున్న 99 పేర్లు ఏమిటి ?

ఖురాన్ ముస్లింలుకు ఏమి అని అదేశిస్తుంది అంటె అల్లాహ్ కు వున్నా “చాలా అందమైన పేర్లు”తో పిలువా మని చెపుతుంది. 131 more words

What Are The 99 Names Of Allah?