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Don't wait for it to happen, Work for it to happen!

We do it all the time.. talk about how bad we want that new car or how we want that raise at work but never actually DO anything about it?! 452 more words


Fourth of July Outfit Details! | Independence Day!|

Good afternoon friends!

Today is a very important holiday here in America (well yesterday)! It is the day America became a country, all started back on July 4, 1776! 389 more words


25th #AllAmerican Portrait: Chasing Lovely

“Folk-pop duo Chasing Lovely combines haunting harmonies, powerful melodies, and insightful lyrics to create a truly captivating acoustic performance.”

Today, June 8th, the talented Korean-American sisters of the Atlanta-based band, Chasing Lovely, release their newest and timely single, “Speak Out.” Check it out… 472 more words


24th #AllAmerican Portrait: Nicolas

First name: Nicolas

What does it mean to be American?

Being American involves the suspension of disbelief, a dream state of hopes. 307 more words


23rd #AllAmerican Portrait: Phi

First name: Phi

What does it mean to be American?

For me, being American means learning how to hold two completely contradictory narratives in one space.   154 more words


22nd #AllAmerican Portrait: Stephanie

First name: Stephanie Cho

What does it mean to be American?

For me, what it means to be American is complicated. The whole reason I’m in America is the result of U.S. 754 more words


21st #AllAmerican Portrait: Esther

First name: Esther

What does it mean to be American?

I believe that to be American is to be fundamentally tied to the struggles, the suffering, and the triumphs that compose the U.S. 214 more words