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Carlos Piedra Buena, October 14, 2007

In this interview this politics analyst talks about the decadence of the parties’ system. He points out how the parties went substituted by social movements and co opted by opportunistic “caudillos”. 168 more words


Review: Norton's Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire

Ed note: Like the many, many other reviews I’ve been posting here lately, this one was written for a now defunct live journal account.

Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire… 288 more words


The Decline of the Conservative Mind

These are dark days for conservatives: 7 years of President Obama, gay marriage spreading across the land, health insurance coverage growing every day, and a collection of mediocre Republican candidates that make the words “President Clinton” seem like the future rather than the past. 978 more words


The Music of Soviet Russia

It is entirely conceivable that Soviet Russia produced the most patriotic, soul-stirring anthems and hymns of any nation in the history of the world.

“Music, as everyone experiences, provides an unquestionable justification and a fulfilling pleasure for the activities it accompanies: the soldier who hears the marching band is enthralled and measured; the religious man is exalted in his prayer by the sound of the organ in church; and the lover is carried away and his conscience stilled by the romantic guitar.”

Allan Bloom

Quotes from The Closing of the American Mind

Introduction: Our Virtue 

“The students’ backgrounds are as various as American can provide. Some are religious, some atheist; some are to the Left, some to the Right; some intend to be scientists, some humanists or professionals or businessmen; some are poor, some rich. 2,068 more words


musings on tradition, culture and whether they matter

Why is intellectualism valued so much more highly in European culture? I’m thinking particularly of French culture, in which characters in novels and films are consistently intellectual types, something rare in American movies where we prefer to glamorize the corporate businessman or the working class. 1,715 more words