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Education in Life

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.”- Allan Bloom

The way to your client's business is not through their stomach...

I’m the first person on the planet to admit they love donuts. I mean – it’s actually a true love affair of mine (along with coffee….). 370 more words


The Right and the Wrong

The Closing of the American Mind (Bloom, Allan)

Allan Bloom’s Wikipedia entry describes him as a philosopher, classicist and academician, and informs me that this book met with critical acclaim from the New York Times and the Washington Post when it was published in 1987. 1,809 more words

Late 20th Century (1950-1999)

Remembering Peter Augustine Lawler

Elizabeth Kaufer Busch’s brief article “Liberal Education Rightly Understood” remembers Peter Augustine Lawler in Perspectives on Political Science. See also an obituary in the… 23 more words

Walker Percy

When Did Conservatives Get so Angry at Higher Ed?

When I saw the headline, my nerd spidey-sense tingled. I was excited to read about the history of conservative anti-college feelings. But when I read… 983 more words

Higher (Power) Education

Allan Bloom, Political Correctness, and Paranoia

“Political correctness” has been prevalent in our popular discourse since the late 1980s, mainly as a shibboleth or signaling word, and an exonym or a name ascribed to a group to which the speaker doesn’t belong.  623 more words

Prioritizing Virtue

by Jordan Poyner

Last week, my colleague at The New Herald, Seth Nightingale, published a piece in defense of a populist national sentiment. In it he argued that patriotism and trust in the American nation state are deteriorating, and that a coherent and shared sense of tradition and values have been compromised by lesser principles. 1,398 more words