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The lack of a counter-vocabulary to terror

One problem with modern democracy, other than the traumatic election cycle which precludes coherent long term foreign policy, is the rise of a crazy brand of moral relativism over the last couple of decades. 469 more words


He Said That? 2/22/15

From Allan Bloom, American philosopher, classicist, and academician, The Closing of the American Mind:

Contrary to much contemporary wisdom, the United States has one of the longest uninterrupted political traditions of any nation in the world.

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A Partial Commentary on Howse's Leo Strauss: Man of Peace

Prefatory remarks.[1]

Professor Howse has written an ambitious book to make the case for Leo Strauss as a man of peace and to defend him from his critics. 20,285 more words


Allan Bloom On Contemporary Music

Plato’s teaching about music is, put simply, that rhythm and melody, accompanied by dance, are the barbarous expression of the soul. Barbarous, not animal. Music is the medium of the human soul in its most ecstatic condition of wonder and terror.

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