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McDonald: PCs can only count on scare tactics so much

By Meredith McDonald

After calling an election Albertans didn’t want, the Progressive Conservatives face the prospect of a result they didn’t expect.

Having ignored his government’s own legislation to pull the trigger on an early election, Jim Prentice finds himself in the unenviable position of running on a universally reviled budget. 656 more words


Wildrose drops potential candidate in Calgary-Varsity over offensive blog post

Wildrose is looking for a new candidate in Calgary-Varsity after the party rejected a potential candidate Wednesday over a blog deemed offensive to gays.

The Wildrose advised Russ Kuykendall it would not accept him as a candidate as a result of concerns over a blog he wrote in 2007. 239 more words

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Alberta Election: Who Outed Allan Hunsperger?

On the evening of Saturday, April 14, a person who called himself Adam W. York posted three short “tweets” on the social media service, Twitter. 1,583 more words

Alberta Election: The Price of Free Speech

When the news first broke on Friday morning that Wildrose leader Danielle Smith, the election front-runner, was holding a press conference to address allegations that Wildrose candidates had made racist and homophobic remarks, there was speculation on Twitter that she might be able to eject one of her candidates from the campaign. 1,235 more words

Alberta Election: Smith and Redford and Pots and Kettles

My column this morning on the Allan Hunsperger controversy, and Danielle Smith’s response to it, has stirred up something of a hornet’s nest – as might be expected. 1,905 more words

Chris Selley's Full Pundit: Canada's Charter — 30 years of tyranny and freedom

The rights of man
The National Post‘s editorialists caution against romanticizing constitutional documents like our 30-year-old Charter of Rights and Freedoms, suggesting that political motives always underpin their introduction and that the Charter, in particular, hasn’t necessarily “improved the stock of liberty in this country.” Specifically, they argue that the Charter resulted in precisely the sort of judiciary-led “social engineering” — on “abortion, gay marriage, capital punishment, safe-injection sites and refugee rights,” for example” — that conservative critics warned about. 730 more words

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