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.the first black president.

the first black president

dedicated to the rose the grew from concrete

if you feel short and wish to feel tall all you have to do is jump without being afraid to fall. 498 more words

The Turkey Needs Browned.. So Do You!

Allante’ Hair Designs and Spa would like to introduce our newest spa feature- NORVELL Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection. An organic, trusted brand in spray tanning is now available for you. 127 more words


Stand out with our new Eyelash Perm!

Nothing makes your eyes look better than beautiful long, lashes. How do we keep our lashes looking perfect all the time? Mascara can get clumpy and fake eyelashes are such a hassle. 161 more words


Let's talk about Perkville.. the place you want to be!

Everyone loves getting rewards for shopping. You’re spending the money anyway, why not get a little bit back? Here at Allante, we want you to join us in Perkville, and receive service discounts, product discounts and free services! 130 more words


Let's See Those Pearly Whites!

Nothing is better than a radiant smile! Everyone aims for the perfect teeth with the perfect white shade. Yes, we all try whitening tooth paste, mouth wash and pick the Trident Whitening Gum over Bubbalicious- but does this really help? 217 more words



A man obsessed with chrome wanted everything under the hood of his Cadillac Allante to sparkle. I prototyped and produced stainless steel covers for each of the holes under the hood. 28 more words