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Google's delusion: It thinks there's such a thing as "quality journalism" and that it knows how to spot it. Yeah, your press release full of itself.

If it is in the press release, then it must be true!

Google certainly thinks so with this piece of propaganda:

Elevating quality journalism on the open web…

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Alleged Journalism

Dead tree tariffs threatening print publications. Even more.

Ah yes, the digital talk about the future, is for show, as the newspaper industry trembles at the idea of steep tariffs hitting them hard. 119 more words

Alleged Journalism

Memo to NBC -- a lie detector test isn't worth the paper it is scribbled on. Yay, someone else passed a polygraph other than Patrick Brown. As if that matters.

I have written about how journalists are willfully ignorant when it comes to using cheap stunts, in this case, NBC News letting the world know that a porn star passed a… 147 more words

Alleged Journalism

Deconstructing Propaganda, Part Two: Making mundane disagreement into "controversy."

When journalists were the sole gate-keepers of information, they could shade the information any way they wished. They could build up people to become Titans and Great Men. 705 more words

Alleged Journalism

How can health and education journalists turn privacy laws to their advantage? Sorry, ProPublica, they can't.

The pep talks journalists give each other are very funny. You have a dead profession that still has to confront the whole deadness thing. It is akin to someone’s house being bombed, and someone offers them home decorating tips to make the rubble look nice. 472 more words

Alleged Journalism

No, it will not be worse than Watergate. Why journalists drool at Trump's troubles, even when their own fortunes are the real freak show.

The Daily Beast does what journalists do best: wish their enemies ill.

This latest petty wishful thinking article is interesting, and it is very instructive. 288 more words

Alleged Journalism