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Love Me: A Chronicles of Narnia Fan-Fiction Story


     Susan Pevensie sat tensely in the front row of a van, staring forlornly out the window as the vehicle bumped along a dusty rut in the Serengeti National Park. 4,556 more words


Brady the Worm: A Lenten Fable


     Once upon a time there was a worm named Brady. He was little. He was slimy and stinky. He was grouchy. He was very grouchy because he was in fact not a worm at all. 768 more words

Short Stories

L- 04.08.01 - IT’s SPRING! — GARDEN TIME!

We’ve had a very mild winter here in northeast Oklahoma during the past few months. It’s been hard to wait for spring to actually get here so we can get out in our small yard and deck to piddle around in nature and get our hands, etc., dirty. 1,432 more words


We All Need Nurturing #StillShePersisted

I have never been a cat person, having cohabited with a dog for most of my life; I’ve always been on #TeamDog. However, recently, I adopted three stray cats; two boys and a little girl. 933 more words

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A Newborn Year -- A Newborn Life

To the new born, everything is new. While usually their eyes are still sealed shut, the new world around them is vibrant with sounds, smells and textures. 690 more words


Jack Benny: Goodbye 1941, Hello 42

And for another thing I can share anytime but that feels timely today: a New Year’s Eve broadcast from The Jack Benny Program. Through the early 40s Jack Benny had a tradition that was antiquated even then. 190 more words