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Allegories don’t exist.

Try finding out more from a website and all you get is a YouTube clip of a trailer for The Alligator People from way back in 1959. 192 more words

Hear It

Surfacing Aesop's Fables ...

You were only an Ordinary fellow as an Eagle; but as an old Rooster you are a Fowl of Incomparable Distinction … 123 more words


While we wait for an allegory...

Hello, my fallen angels! I’m currently in the works of writing my very own allegory. While we wait for it to be finished, I decided to just fill you in on my writing process. 168 more words

Thoughtful Words

Dating and Clown Shoes

Imagine I have a beautiful red dress and I want a pair of beautiful red shoes to go with it. I try on the dress and decide that heels would look nice, delicate high stilettos, maybe some strapiness going on, a peep toe so I can show off some pretty painted toe nails. 624 more words


Another restless night

Another thought I had tonight

Prompting another vision:

I’m a dancing tree who’s crying.

Dancing and crying with one side of my branches holding love, 31 more words


Athens Is Like A Prostitute (According to Isocrates): Aelian, 12.52

“The orator Isokrates used to say that the city of Athens was like prostitutes: men who are taken in by the beauty want to have sex with them, but no one is so totally insane that he wants to stay and live with them. 84 more words