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Testament: Part 4


     Sparn had become an orensu—a student of Yanash and his strange new ways. From one place to another he drove his car in the caravan of curious followers. 1,933 more words



I am simple,

Yet incomprehensible,

I am particular,

Yet unconfined to a single category.

I am but a youth,

Whilst also an elder, 

I am a seed, 120 more words

Ambivalent Donkeys and Deceptive Wolves, Two Fables from Phaedrus

Two Fables from Phaedrus that have nothing to say about anything. Really.

The Ass to the old Shepherd, 1.15

When a state undergoes a change… 298 more words

Sunday School and Narnia: Hell as a Separation from God

     At the beginning of the summer, I was asked to create and lead a VBS program for my current church. The theme would be The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.   1,100 more words


Testament: Part 1

Author’s Intro:

     This story occurs midway in my “Star Trek: Beyond” series (no relation to the movie) posted at adastrafanfic.com. Spock is married to a human Starfleet doctor named Lauren Fielding. 1,990 more words


When to react and when to not react

Is it always better to stay silent? Is saying nothing always good? What happens when you stay silent when someone is doing or saying something that you disagree with or find offensive or is unfair to someone else? 364 more words


"Saved? Saved From What?"

Every popular religion on planet Earth has developed its own “language,” a form of “shop talk” by which its members communicate their faith. As referred to in an earlier post, the term “guru” means a person who disburses darkness according to Advayataraka Upanishad (thanks for this tidbit… 1,516 more words