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Post no. 185: Transforming Narrative Architecture

An expansion of consciousness takes place. The fabric evolves over time. Create with the love of God (not the caricature, but formless animating essence). Create what will transform. 79 more words


time, death, and judgment

George Frederick Watts really loves the allegories of Time, Death, and Judgment. The guy on the left is Time, and he’s doing a poor job dragging… 82 more words


eight hours 😎

Eight hours.
So tell me who in the world would ‘waste’ eight hours of his or her life in the cinema to watch a goddamn movie? 770 more words

Fostering Creativity

Last year I showed my students Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk about schools killing creativity and we had a discussion about whether they agreed or disagreed with his argument. 317 more words


Pilgrim's Progress ~ My last and most difficult allegorical review

John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress‘ was a must read for me having lived in Bedfordshire for most of my adult life. Bunyan haunts the area. 389 more words

Life Skills

The Deeper Meaning to an Allegory

To truly get a “deeper” meaning of the word allegory, you must first know its definition.  Allegory: when an art form uses characters or events to represent or symbolize, ideas and concepts.   173 more words


The Hollywood movie Groundhog Day is a great allegory of repentance, faith, and a transformation of character in the Christian tradition.  In Groundhog Day the leading character is a weatherman who quickly becomes known to his viewers as a self-centered, self-absorbed, egotist who is in serious need of character adjustment. 1,189 more words