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day 109. IX.


she wrote him another letter.

“thank you”, she said.

and she tucked it neatly on that very old journal she usually kept away with her old stuff. 33 more words


day 106. VIII.

he was looking at the moon’s reflection over the ocean.
it was red.
he wanted to tell her it was red.
he remembered how she always marveled at the infinite things — the sky, the stars, the ocean.
51 more words

day 105. unsent

i’d have asked you how was your new phone now. i saw your friends tease you about it
i’d have told you i miss you (too?) and i wish i was not far away… 378 more words

day 102. in an alternate universe 😊

i’m into some drafts digging nowadays. haha 😁
and i found this draft i made two years ago.

i’m really wondering who i wrote this for.  127 more words


day 94. VII.

“i actually don’t understand.
but this time, i will try not to ask you why anymore.”
she wrote in red ink.
that would add to the hundreds of little notes she kept on a box under her bed that he’d probably never get to read.
45 more words

Day 1, Round 2

For my first poem this year, I thought I’d try something different. I listened to some music (well, the first few minutes) and wrote. Thanks to… 230 more words