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day 76. VI

“So, tell me, what is holding you back, exactly?” Dee asked her.
“Haah, nothing supposedly,” and she laughed aloud. It was still raining.
Dee was her friend. 336 more words

day 74. V.

She took a last sip from her cup, and realized how the coffee had gone cold already.
There she was, thinking again.
A year ago, she was there too, listening to that sole list of songs she listened to for a year — she knew every single sound those songs made and she laughed at how her heart had good memory for such stuff — songs, stories, quotes — many of them sad, most of them melancholic. 149 more words

Do not forget the little people

When I used to play Magic the Gathering at Woodstocks in Davis as a young adult, I successfully employed a certain strategy. I let the other players brag, attack, and take initiative. 151 more words

Magic The Gathering

The History of Melchizedec

Taken and adapted from, “An Illustration of the Types, Allegories, and prophecies of the Old Testament”
Written by, William McEwen, a one time minister of the Gospel at Dundee. 1,454 more words

On Deities, Society, and The Self and Unself

Gods and Goddesses are there for us to study; for people to embrace the momentary paradigms of life, to embody the complexities of humanity… They’re just people like you and I…or rather, without people, there wouldn’t be any Gods or Goddesses… 115 more words