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On Deities, Society, and The Self and Unself

Gods and Goddesses are there for us to study; for people to embrace the momentary paradigms of life, to embody the complexities of humanity… They’re just people like you and I…or rather, without people, there wouldn’t be any Gods or Goddesses… 115 more words


day 55. three (III)

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day 53. chapter one

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Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-1593)

When writing anything about the Seasons, one inevitably encounters the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-2593) and his allegorical cycles.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo fits the definition of Mannerism quite wonderfully when one understands the term generally used to describe the painters who fall between the High Renaissance and the Baroque, that is, the period between the death of Raphael (1520) to the advent of the Baroque with the Caravaggio cycle on St. 860 more words

Allegory 7

“Can You Discover The Hidden Answer?”

A demonstrative more specific or emphatic adjective representing a specific thing; imperative of “to behold” so that it, or in order for it to introduce the next relative dependent conjunction sequence or article of things, which will remain restricted until the previous essential thing is completed. 33 more words