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Myth and the power of the story

When we were children we craved stories. We begged, “Mama, read me a story,” or “Grandma, tell me story.”  Many times those stories were fairy-tales, tales of good and evil, magic, and heroic deeds succeeding against all odds. 723 more words

Connie J. Jasperson

The Rose and The Lilac: A Learning Moment

The Rose and The Lilac

The things of the world would mean little to us except for that of God which resides within them.  Do we behold the flower and fall in love with its color and fragrance simply because we like the way it looks, or the way it smells?   86 more words


The Allegory of 21st Century Painting

before another moment
passes the surface reflect
surface of a surface appearing
onto itself


New Music: Allegories

Allegories don’t exist.

Try finding out more from a website and all you get is a YouTube clip of a trailer for The Alligator People from way back in 1959. 192 more words

Hear It

Surfacing Aesop's Fables ...

You were only an Ordinary fellow as an Eagle; but as an old Rooster you are a Fowl of Incomparable Distinction … 125 more words


While we wait for an allegory...

Hello, my fallen angels! I’m currently in the works of writing my very own allegory. While we wait for it to be finished, I decided to just fill you in on my writing process. 168 more words

Thoughtful Words