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Thomas, Biju and Allen Lim. The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes. Boulder: Velo, 2011.

Confessional: I bought this book sight unseen because I had the credit with Amazon. 345 more words

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The Magical Q & H

Today’s Workout:
The Plan: 4 Miles Slow + 5 20 sec. strides with 2 min. recovery
The Actual: 4 Miles @ 9:08 (Okay, I didn’t really follow the “slow” instructions.   906 more words


This Memorial Day Weekend, Get Grilling in the Feed Zone!

We believe that grilling up dinner in the evening with a cold beer in hand shouldn’t be just a rest day luxury. And what endurance athlete wouldn’t prefer to be outside than in the kitchen? 464 more words

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The Big Reveal!

Ready for this?!?! A few months back I applied on a total whim to be a Taste Agent for Skratch Labs. I have been a fan of Skratch Labs for the past several years, having been introduced to it by my cyclist Other Half when it was known as “Secret Drink Mix” and came in cool silver tins. 255 more words

Author Interview: Allen Lim of Feed Zone Portables

Up close with Allen Lim

Written by: Greg Kopecky

See the original post here. 

Dr. Allen Lim is a physiologist, sports scientist, coach, nutritionist, and all-around endurance sports smart-guy. 401 more words

Books We Love

Sweet Rice Porridge: A Delicious Feed Zone Breakfast

Sweet Rice Porridge is a clever recipe from chef Biju Thomas that blends quick-absorbing carbs from white rice with the satisfying whole proteins found in eggs. 288 more words

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How Many Calories a Pro Cyclist Needs

Pro cyclists need to consume almost three times the number of calories when racing or training as the average person—about 6000-7000 calories per day. 426 more words

Easy Healthy Recipes