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Stupidest People in Politics: Allen West, Brian Fischer, and Steve Doocy

Stupidest People in Politics
Michael Tackett
Have you ever felt like bashing your head into a wall just so you can go into a coma so you would not have to put up with all the stupidity that surrounds you? 985 more words

Steve Malzberg and Allen B. West - VIDEO

Allen West: Vatican Recognition of Palestine ‘Unconscionable’

The recognition of a Palestinian state by the Vatican is “unconscionable,” Allen West, president of the National Center for Public Analysis, tells Newsmax TV. 36 more words

Allen West


In a recent article by the Daily KOS, former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) went to Walmart and honestly believed that Sharia law was happening because a minor employee refused to sell him alcohol and the employee had the audacity to have a name that wasn’t Steve or Larry. 541 more words

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Find Out If You've Lost The Awe in Shock Value

Intrepid reporters Lester & Charlie went into hibernation for a while (did you miss us?) because the news seemed to be getting… stale. Watching the news these days is like watching a long-running soap opera. 462 more words

Crazy People

Allen West Ignorantly Blames "Democrats" for Baltimore Riots

Well known Republican apologist Allen West gives one of the most superficial and divisive list of reasons for the Baltimore riots I have heard to date. 379 more words

Agree Or Disagree: Allen West Blames Football Injuries On Church-State Separation [POLL + EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Former Rep. Allen West blames football injuries on church and state separation. Do you agree or disagree? Listen to the audio player to hear what our listeners think in this edition of  140 more words

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