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Kerala - India

The overall disappointment that Goa inspired was kind of like the sour cherry on the unhappy Indian cake. From roughly the time I got spewed on in a bus in Kashmir, up to and including when a man tried desparately to expose himself to me on the beach at Palolem, travelling in the core of tourist India had been pretty much a drag. 2,335 more words


Exploring Kerala - makes you want to go back again!

Lord Vishnu’s 6th incarnation, Parasurama fought back the sea to save the land. He threw his axe from Konkan to Kanyakumari and sea gave way. Thus was God’s Own Country born, which is called Kerala. 6,135 more words


Kerala, India: Photo Guide

When tourists think of India, they usually conjure up images of pilgrims bathing in the river Ganga, or ancient forts and Mughal palaces rising up almost mirage-like from the depths of the Thar Desert. 224 more words


Starting out in Kerala: backwaters, beaches and beautiful places

Kerala – or “God’s own country” as it likes to proclaim itself – is my next, and sadly final, stop in India.

The first thing you notice about Kerala before you even get there is that every place has two names. 798 more words

No Love Lost in Alleppey

This will be a pretty negative blog, I warn you now. Every once in a while you find yourself in a place that you just really can’t click with no matter how hard you try. 1,365 more words


Minerva Memories - Alleppey

In the backwaters of India’s southern state of Kerala, traditional village life goes on much as it has for the last 50 years.

The occasional satellite dish, motorized houseboat or construction of a new guesthouse are the only nods to increased outside interest in this seemingly endless string of interconnected waterways, paddy fields and coconut groves that stretches down the Malabar Coast. 268 more words


Though we only spent a relatively small amount of time in India, the impression it has left on us is great. The people, the buildings and the food make up only a small amount of what makes India such an interesting place. 3,253 more words