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Jan 17. - Sick

Yup. I’m sick. I woke up with my throat hurting, body aching, ears stuffy, and just all around feeling bad. I’m not sure if I caught something, which wouldn’t make sense, or if it is just allergies. 235 more words

Decadent Saffron and Mushroom Soup

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I love soups because they are frugal and healthy, but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit extravagant.  172 more words

Gluten Free

Eating represses feelings, Exercise lets them go.

I’ve always been physically active; I played sports and fidgeted in my seat in class. I’m happier when I’m active. For the past few years though, in a household of TV watchers, I became couch potato chip-eater, and therefore depressed. 367 more words

The Never Ending Cough Pt. 2

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned how my son was constantly congested and coughing for going on 4 months now. No flu, but he did show signs of an allergy. 616 more words

Mom Life

Meal prep: shrimp fried rice

The shrimp was a last minuet addition, it was originally just going to be a veggie fried rice. But Aldi had their shrimp so cheap, and I couldn’t resist! 199 more words

Meal Prep

Gemstones Are Naturally Healing and Energizing

Did you know that gemstones have the ability when used properly to energize your body, heal cuts, bruises, surgery, breaks, etc?
Crystals have been used by Eastern Cultures, Native Americans, and many other cultures for thousands of years. 2,342 more words


The Dreaded Anaphylactic Attack

It started out as a little itch. I saw E scratching his little belly, and his shirt lifted enough to reveal that there were little welts on them. 989 more words

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