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2016, July 20 - 1660 - runny nose

dripping that won’t stop (5)
and nothing seems to help me (7)
then just plug it up (5)



Procured a chip board table,

To use a train set when able…

Formaldehyde fuming

We were assuming,

Caused extra coughing unstable!

My double-track train layout, 59 more words

I'm allergic to outside.

So I got some allergy testing today that the docs were unable to do when all my skin-related issues started up due to the drugs I was on at the time. 270 more words


First Aid Kit

My first aid kit is the one area of my backpack where I consider the weight of the items last.  You will never regret carrying your first aid supplies when you need them.   1,305 more words


Camping with Allergies: S'mores Alternatives

Have you ever had a s’more? If not: Roast a marshmallow, push a piece of chocolate inside (to melt), and sandwich between graham crackers. So, so good. 159 more words


Allergies, Asthma, & Ailments in Fantasy

While filling out all the school forms for my son, I began wondering about allergies and asthma.  You don’t really see these in fantasy settings.  I’ve yet to read about an orc that is terrified of bees because of an allergy.   455 more words



I wrote about M’s eczema a last week and a friend brought a Polish home remedy for us to try. I have to admit I was sceptical when I saw the bag of potato starch but I listened to her explanation and agreed to try it. 298 more words

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