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Journal Entry 022715 day rating 6

Weather warning this morning…beep. beep. beep.  All bogus.  It is all hype to keep us nervous, on edge and tied to the TV.  It is not even freezing out.  907 more words


How Do You Explain This

People are funny.  Sometimes humorous and sometimes just odd.  Don’t believe me?  Then please explain how people with allergies seem to think their allergies are more important than ca cheap and fairly healthy form of protein…aka peanut butter?   199 more words

Allergies: When Over Protectiveness Can Kill

Food allergies are a major problem in society nowadays. A lot of my friends carry Epi-Pens because they have peanut or dairy allergies. Nowadays I am quite used to seeing my friends carry Epi-Pens. 405 more words

FRIDAY LOVES FRIDAY.....there's always a favorite



1. My allergies kicked my booty so hard…down a flight of stairs. I ran home once and it really did me in. 537 more words

FITNESS/Working Out/Lies

Supplement Industry "Shocker"

“Approximately 4 out of 5 of the products purchased from Walmart, Target, Walgreens & GNC contained NONE of the herbs listed on their labels.”

A recent New York Times article on nutritional supplements shocked many people. 745 more words


Rare Disease Day 2015

This is why I do Rare Disease day!  Nicole is 10 and suffers from FPIES – Food Protein Induced Intercolitis Syndrome, Dysautonmia and POTs (Postural Orthostatic Syndrome) She was diagnosied with FPIES at age 4 and POTs at age 10.   92 more words


What's Up Doc #1: Today Will Be A Slow Post and Response Day

I know I am pretty late with a post today, but I am running on about three hours of sleep in forty-eight hours due to Hive-Watch 2015.     497 more words