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Anti-histamines, the Anti-Hero

The most potent protection against the Allergy Death Star is to start antihistamine medication several days before the allergy season starts.  To understand why, we need to understand what actually causes allergy symptoms. 327 more words

Primary Care


My days have been blargh to horrible.  This is due entirely to my damn allergies.  I go to bed feeling meh, wake up in the middle of the night to an allergy attack, wake in the morning to my nose still running, and the day continues that way.  153 more words


This is Important

I wanted to get this out now, before shit gets really out of hand, before the wheels completely fall apart and the barn has collapsed and the river has run dry and the car is finally out of gas. 179 more words

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Five Tips for Alleviating Allergies

During the early spring and late fall, allergies can be quite grueling for me. For years, the inflammation from allergens like pollen or ragweed resulted in severe eczema. 605 more words


The super bloom and my alarm clock 

I’m a spring baby. One would think that I would be ok with flowers, grass and trees overall. Howecer, I tend to get horrific spring and fall allergies. 436 more words


Farewell, beloved friend

Over the past few months I’ve noticed my body having a bad reaction to something… Now, I keep a careful eye on my diet because of my existing intolerances, but something… 561 more words


Having a gluten free vegan diet

So after my post last night about my son and his allergies I thought I would explain more about my thoughts on allergy free recipes and why I’ve chose to start making my own gluten free vegan recipes. 235 more words