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Allergic Reaction

Recently I purchased a bottle of Allegra allergy medicine at a Walgreens. Spring allergy season had hit me hard and I needed relief. Even though this happens every year, I don’t think about this problem until it has started affecting me. 231 more words

Chicken paella recipe ( Egg and Dairy free )

This is not an authentic paella its just an alternative that I made by playing around in the kitchen, so that my son who’s allergic to egg and dairy. 156 more words


Kamut Amaranth Bread

Allergies are on the rise. So many people have wheat and dairy allergies these days, but some of us have to stay away from wheat, dairy, sugar and yeast!  436 more words



Allergies, this is a topic that I had struggled for many decades and suffered limits and restriction on what I can eat, what I can do, and where I can be. 511 more words


Allergies and Lavender

My oldest son suffers from seasonal allergies. We have been able to eliminate their severity by eating a clean diet and through natural remedies such as eating local honey daily. 346 more words

When Allergies Attack

I didn’t get my morning walk in today. I woke up at 0500 and felt terrible. Yesterday I raked some leaves after days of rain, so not only were they covered in pollen, but also probably mold and mildew from all the rain. 61 more words

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