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Travel day!

We had an early start today so we could clean up the apartment before we left. We had a lot of fun in DC and I am so thankful Jana let us use her apartment. 417 more words

My Inquiring Mind

Questions that have been roaming my brain recently:

Why are we being invaded by June bugs in May?

Why do some people get allergies as kids and outgrow them and some get them as adults? 496 more words


Honeycomb gum replacement

Due to my allergies, I have decided to replace gum with honeycomb that I was able to get locally. I have read and heard that exposure to pollen will help immune you to it, but I am exposed enough when I go outside – right? 143 more words

We stole a cat!

Ok, the title may be a little misleading- but it is a basic outline of what actually happened.

Now, I know that cats truly have no home, and are totally free to rome wherever they want whenever they want, and this cat might have 5 other homes feeding her, but she is special to me. 244 more words

Dermatique Recuperating Cream Review- Day 4! Subscribe to my blog for a chance to win a 100ml jar worth £29!

Its a day 4 and things are going really well! I think I was a bit disheartened yesterday because R was really itchy before bed, but today he has barely scratched! 516 more words

A Culinary Journey [with a twist]

Challenges can be found in some interesting places when travelling overseas. On a recent trip to Europe, I found myself in some tricky situations. We headed overseas on a long awaited holiday of sorts, and this took us through the city of Paris, the beautiful green pastures of Northern France, Belgium and to the foot of the Swiss Alps. 632 more words