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Say "So Long" to Sneezing: Making Your Home Allergy-Friendly

Allergies are currently wreaking havoc on many Central Florida residents right now, thanks to the plentiful summer grasses and pollens. Sneezing, itchy eyes, scratch throat, and runny nose are just a few of the unpleasant symptoms being enjoyed by people throughout Polk County, and when paired with the excessive heat we’ve been experiencing recently, it makes for a very unenjoyable summer. 382 more words

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Dealing with PMLE/PLE

For the last few years, I’ve suffered with Polymorphic light eruption, Which is put simply, a rash caused by exposure to the sun. It’s itchy and unsightly and frustrating. 319 more words

Featuring Food Advocate: Robyn O'brien

I am a believer that we need to see a major change in our food production because our health is on a very serious downward trajectory based on the current system. 203 more words


Gluten Free Chocolate "Mini Milks" 

Hello to you all, hope you are enjoying this fine sunny weather we are having. It’s Monday it’s the last week of term for most of the munchkins and I’m sure you’d like to know about a really easy treat? 241 more words

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Calling All Hayfever Sufferers!

When it comes to summer most of us are looking forward to sitting out in the garden, enjoying a refreshing beverage and making the most of the British weather. 760 more words

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Dairy, egg and nut free Cinnamon doughnut cupcakes

I like cinnamon. I like doughnuts. I like cupcakes. Therefore I like cinnamon doughnut cupcakes!

I’ll get the disclaimer out of the way early. These are not doughnuts. 263 more words


Baby Allergies Big Problem

So last night we got home from a funeral and my youngest child 7 months has a running nose and no fever but super cranky. We lay him down at 9:00pm for bed and around 12:00am he starts to cry I think oh just time for his bottle nope not the case at all I wasn’t getting off that easy! 235 more words