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I'm allergic to grass!

Allergic rhinitis. The condition when you’re allergic to Rhinos. I jest. I’m talking about Hayfever. 1 in 5 people get it and I know many joke about it when asked why they’re all nasally and blowing their nose in decent weather, they respond “I’m allergic to grass”! 555 more words

how to get rid of allergy

We write this article after a lot of research on allergies… we also give home remedies how to get rid of allergy  here is the link of this article:

Flower Power

“This year we rise up!
We’ll bloom together!  Attack!
Bring their sneezy doom!”


Blow Away Those Allergies With CBD!

It’s Spring time once again! You know what that means! Dust starts blowing, and every allergen imaginable starts producing pollen and other irritating substances for your bodies. 403 more words

That's Natural


Today’s post is not as fun, but I’ve got to rant. So rant I will.

Remember how I had that headache the week before last? It went on and on? 443 more words


Long Term Effects

In the fall of 2013 I came down with a horrible cold. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t even breathe. After missing work I finally visited my local walk-in clinic, but when the doctor told me that I was suffering from allergies, I put up a fight. 779 more words


A sinus of the times

The local allergists must be making money hand over nose.

Between the wind and the drought my snout spent most of this week looking like an undercooked calzone. 264 more words

Just Mumbling Along