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A new eggless world...

Me and my itty bitty on his first ER visit.
That picture is proof (to me) that while you try to do all the “right” things, sometimes stuff happens anyways. 213 more words



WARNING: A couple very real graphic photos ahead.

I’m bracing myself—I’m nervous. I’m scared.

Why haven’t I posted any eczema statuses recently? I’ve been on drugs for the past month and a half! 517 more words

The Eczema Experience

Allergies Got You Down? Try These Essential Oil Fixes For the Seasonal Blues.

If you’re new to the essential oils world it may seem scary, daunting, or just plain bologna. If you’re not, you know that these precious oils help with all sorts of daily qualms such as runny noses, back aches, head aches, anxiety, the common cold, and much much more! 997 more words


Jordan Valley Shop Review

The Jordan Valley Shop, located on Nicholson Street in Edinburgh, is an Aladdin’s cave of allergy friendly delights. Forget Topshop and Zara, this place is my favourite shop  in the city! 324 more words


South Korean skin and allergy clinic uses unusually crude ads to attract new patients【Videos】

While many Japanese believe hay fever, or kafunsho as it’s known here, to be something unique to Japan, there appear to be just as many suffers of pollen allergies in South Korea and other parts of Southeast Asia. 333 more words


Peanut - Graphic Novel

Peanut by Ayun Halliday

Illustrated by Paul Hoppe

Published in 2012 by Scwartz & Wade

ISBN: 9780375865909

Genre – Comedy

Sub genre – Drama, Romance… 873 more words