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FOODIE COUNSELING: Dr. Anthony Nguyen Helps Mend Nutty Relationships Between Food & Allergies

In complicated relationships, sometimes the best choice is to get an outside mediator to help resolve any issues. For me, that was my only choice. I am in love with the one thing that holds the strongest potential to kill me: food. 444 more words


Crispy Nut Chicken from Allergy-Free Kids by Robin Nixon Pompa

When her infant daughter was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies, Robin Nixon Pompa found Dr. Gideon Lack, a clinical researcher on the verge of a breakthrough in allergy prevention and treatment that would heal her daughter and, later, her sons. 575 more words


Hope for peanut allergy sufferers?

In 2009 my son (then nine months old) was diagnosed with several food allergies.  He has since outgrown all of them except for his peanut allergy. 223 more words

Peanut Allergies


Sooo I forgot to mention I had another allergic reaction on Thursday evening. My face, lips, eyes , and hands were swollen and RED, rock lobster red. 127 more words

Visiting a New Allergist -- Before

So last night I had an allergic reaction to I-don’t-even-know-what. I made my own meal last night too, which is even scarier that it wasn’t an accidental cross-contamination at a restaurant. 260 more words

No Thanks, I'm Allergic

I'm Leaking Formaldehyde 

And it’s sickening.
What I’m really doing is sitting at the allergist, getting my weekly allergy shots.

My Tuesday mornings are usually spent battling an hour and half (minimum) commute through the horrendous Denver traffic and landing at the good ole allergist to get stabbed. 141 more words