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Keep The Tissue Handy: Pollen Arriving Early, Staying Late

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Just when you thought we could stop talking about the flu– the sniffling, sneezing misery for many continues.

Doctors say keep the tissue handy as so-called ‘seasonal’ allergies now arrive early and stay late. 333 more words


Avoid Asthma Attacks with These Tips from an Asthma Allergy Doctor

One of the top diseases that can agitate any human being is asthma and it can disturb the entire routine and restrict even from carrying out routine activities. 314 more words

Asthma And Allergy

Mold Update

I got the report of what was included in the allergy tests and it was actually 4 kinds of mold:

  • Alternaria tenuis
  • Aspergillus fumigatus
  • Hormodendrum cladosporioides…
  • 40 more words

Neurology Appointment In April

I called Henry Ford Neurology again and got an appointment finally with my old neurologist, for end of April. Which will be about 1 year since all of this started. 258 more words

The Process--Getting Cleared, Remedials--It's NUTS.

This ladies and gentlemen if you are reading, is what my life revolved around for weeks, and was the “make it or break it” point of my journey. 3,739 more words

Air Force

Kids with Allergies

This I know about all too well. Who wants to have a baby with allergies- no one! But unfortunately, sometimes we get these little bundles of joy, and they can’t handle sh**. 1,074 more words



This will likely be the most difficult post to read, as well personally most difficult post for me to write– the story of the first and only time I went into anaphylactic shock. 2,084 more words