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Springtime and goopy goop

Don’t get me wrong, I think Spring is a beautiful time of year. My body on the other hand hates all the grass mowing, dirt turning, and pollen spreading. 425 more words

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Natural remedies for allergy symptoms

According to WebMD one in five people suffer with allergy or asthma symptoms. Approximately 55% of the U.S. population tests positive to one or more allergens. 654 more words

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Know How to Stop Hay Fever This Spring

Spring brings a lot of excitement, transformation and change. It is a hopeful season that conveys new beginnings, colourful new looks and brightness.

However, for some people, spring is just the beginning of those irritating sniffles and sneezing. 525 more words

Treating Hard To Control Allergies

Allergies (hay fever or allergic rhinits) are common in kids.

That makes it a good idea to learn how to control your child’s allergies.

What Triggers Your Child’s Allergy Symptoms? 695 more words

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5 Common Fall Illnesses

The cold weather associated with the fall and winter seasons are prime times for various medical conditions. While there are actions you can take to help prevent getting sick this time of year, sometimes it just happens. 472 more words

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Your Eczema Flare Up, Is It Triggered By Mold?

By Stephanie Cook (see bio below)

You’ve pre-washed his clothes with gentle detergent, disinfected his bottles thoroughly, and baby-proofed every corner, but did you test for indoor air pollution? 682 more words


Fall Allergies - Ragweed, Mold, Weeds

Fall Allergy Season has started in North Carolina. Our weed count is 62,571 today, September 19, 2016 which is very high. Ten days ago the the weed count was 36,078. 730 more words

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