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Must have when traveling with food allergies.

Most essential safety net when traveling with food allergies is to carry allergy free snacks especially during transit. A food allergic reaction could rapidly escalate to… 202 more words

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First Good Step – Home Allergy Treatment

There goes a saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. This saying goes aptly for people suffering from allergy. The first step for any person suffering from allergy is to avoid any situation that sparks the reaction of an allergy. 438 more words

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Say Goodbye to Hay Fever, Hello to Winter Allergies

Depending on where you live, hay fever season might be coming to a close in a few weeks. That’s the good news, and it isn’t coming a moment too soon for the millions of people who suffer from weed pollen allergies. 411 more words

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Which Allergy Treatment is Best for You?

Fall is hay fever season so there is a good chance you are experiencing some allergy symptoms. After all, over a quarter of Americans suffer from significant allergies. 864 more words

Allergies Took His Breath Away, Drops Gave it Back

Since shortly after he was born nine years ago, Faris from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been allergic to tree pollen. So allergic, he often found it difficult to breathe. 280 more words

Brentwood Whiplash Treatments Alleviate the Pain

Thousands of people suffer whiplash each year—many of them not even realizing they have it because it can take days for symptoms to arrive. Frequent symptoms include neck pain, headaches, fatigue, vision problems and difficulty concentrating, but sometimes even worsened arm and wrist pain and other pains can stem from this injury. 288 more words

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Allergy Perils Await Your Child This Fall - What to Watch Out For and What to Do

It’s almost September — time for school, football, cross-country, marching band and soccer. There are lots of allergy traps for your child out there. Read on to find out what to look for — and what to do about it. 524 more words

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