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Homeopathy is an alternative medical philosophy

Homeopathy is an alternative medical philosophy encompassing and emphasizing the fact that body heals itself in a natural progressive way to regain health. This has an underlying core concept of self-regulatory process in the body. 206 more words

Food Allergy Treatment?

I recently heard on my local news station that developers are creating what seems to be a patch for those with a peanut allergy (with development of one for milk and egg allergies as well). 211 more words

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Alternatives to antihistamines safer, equally effective

With spring allergies in full swing and summer allergies on the way, many turn to over-the-counter (OTC) medications for relief. Antihistamine use, however, often comes with undesired side effects such as drowsiness, loss of libido, increased appetite, and depression. 534 more words

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3 Nasal Allergy Symptoms that need ENT Specialist Attention

If you sneeze all the time and nasal congestion seems to be an unending problem, you are probably suffering from nasal allergy. Fortunately, a person doesn’t need to live with nasal allergy all their life. 419 more words

Allergy Treatment

How allergy treatments occur without any medicine?

Allergy is an extreme hypersensitivity of human caused by any internal or external substances. And the causing substances are called allergens. The effects and symptoms of allergy can be very mild to live threatening. 257 more words

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Homoeopathy treatment for allergy is a holistic approach to treatment

Allergy is a common health issue caused due to the hypersensitivity of the immune system by foreign substances of the environment. Allergy can be commonly caused due to some food stuff, bites of wasps and bees, animal dander, pollens, dust, medications and much more; these are known as an allergen. 224 more words

Allergy Treatment

Asthma and Allergy Prevention in Infants: Taking Smart Steps is the Key

It isn’t uncommon to see allergy and asthma symptoms prevalent in some families for several generations. The reason behind is that both these disorders are genetic in nature to a large extent.  569 more words

Allergy Treatment