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Yes, you can develop food allergies as an adult

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

NEW YORK: Preliminary data from a large, new US study that is currently under review suggests that nearly 52 per cent of American adults with a reported food allergy developed one or more food allergies after age 18. 637 more words

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Allergy is a pet. The towers we live in are fickle. The sky is a mashed potato
Stashed by a stray angel. Allergy, confined in a room, 31 more words


Underutilization of Epinephrine for Anaphylaxis in Children

By Martina M. McGrath, MD
August 15, 2017

Food allergies are increasingly common and are reported to affect up to 7% of children.1 The most severe form of allergy is anaphylaxis, which is a rapid onset, potentially life-threatening, allergic reaction. 652 more words

Let's Talk About Gluten

There is a divide in opinion when it comes to gluten, but the truth is that some people may unnecessarily be cutting it out of their diet! 427 more words


Scientists unearth cell 'checkpoint' that stops allergic diseases

Scientists from Trinity College Dublin have made a significant breakthrough in understanding the regulation of immune cells that play a pivotal role in allergic diseases such as asthma and eczema. 398 more words


Are all bees in fact killer bees? My thoughts...

“Have I ever been stung by a bee? Ya know what I don’t think a bee has ever violated my body before now that I think of it.” That was a thought I had yesterday afternoon while I was just sitting around my apartment. 682 more words


Living better dairy free (part 1)

I have returned after a long break away from my blog.  I am back with some exciting news, I have cured Asthma. Let’s begin at the beginning! 938 more words