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Maintaining an Allergy-free Car Environment

Research has shown that our cars harbor high concentrations of allergens like dust and dander, as well as mold, causing allergies to really flare. Here are some quick tips to prep your car for “Driving Allergy Free”.

Allergy Investigation and Interrogation

If you are an allergy parent and are linked to groups on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you have probably seen this image a dozen or so times, it’s so true! 910 more words


MixEz - Hair and Safety at Home

There is nothing more important than your health and keeping it safe. I feel it is important to raise the awareness of patch testing whether it is before trying a new face cream or  before applying at home hair dye. 163 more words

Skin Test

Allergies, Asthma and Pregnancy

Allergy season is upon us and many women wonder if it’s safe to take medications to treat their allergy and asthma symptoms while they are pregnant.  68 more words


Not quite #silentsunday 24th May 2015 - Reacting to a virus!

Yesterday, we had a lovely family day! We watched Wycombe Wonderers fight tooth and nail to win their match at Wembley – they really deserved to win!! 270 more words


Hazy Days

(This was last year’s photo)

It has been a few days since I have tallied gratitudes or written a poem.  Between the mounds of end-of-semester work and the needs of the kids and the haze of allergy season under a tulip tree, I haven’t been keeping the open awareness and daylong focus that is usually necessary for me to prepare a meaningful list for myself.   216 more words


Do you almost feel you need Wolverine's claws to fight your hives' itchiness?

Hives can give you that itchy and burning sensation from the inside of your skin. Good thing we are not Wolverine who has steel claws coz if we were, we could have scratch and ripped our skin really bad. 23 more words