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Spring is coming

Supposedly, it’s already here. i call bullshit. Spring “started” on March 20, and the day after, it fucking snowed. I’m sure I won’t be the first (or last) person to say that this snow is absolutely RIDICULOUS and needs to STOP. 238 more words


McVegan, Helsinki (GF & Vegan)

I had to do it. I had to put aside my reservations and try it. The McVegan soya burger that has made an addition to the menus offered by McDonald’s in Finland and Sweden. 146 more words

Sensitisation to allergy is physical injury - Supreme Court

Dryden and Others v Johnson Matthey  UKSC 18 – read judgment 

We are all made of stuff, and that stuff is not inert because it’s organic matter. 1,372 more words

In The News


Pastor Harvey* was immediately hired by another congregation of the same denomination. The young people followed and so did we. This church was the same distance from our home, but out in the country on gravel roads. 584 more words


Allergy season longer because of climate change

Jenna Ladd | March 21, 2018

Tuesday was the first day of spring, but that is not good news for everyone. Last year was the worst year for seasonal allergies and… 286 more words


Symptoms You Must Know Before Getting Seasonal Allergy |Asthma/Hay Fever

Allergy symptoms show up when the invulnerable framework responds to an unfavorably susceptible substance that has entered the body as if it was an unwelcome trespasser. 548 more words


Cough , Cold , Allergy , Asthma : Ayurveda for Prevention and Treatment

I am one of those  who are highly allergic to all kinds of dust and frequently end up with a Sore Throat followed by Bronchitis. A visit to the Doc , followed by Antibiotics and Nebulization … a ritual that was inevitable.  586 more words