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Elimination Diet Day 12


Puffed rice, coconut milk, raisins


Quinoa, cabbage, apple and tuna salad

With spinach, avocado, olives, olive oil and herbs



Smoothie: banana, grapes, coconut milk, dates (apparently wasn’t very hungry…)


Allergies: When Over Protectiveness Can Kill

Food allergies are a major problem in society nowadays. A lot of my friends carry Epi-Pens because they have peanut or dairy allergies. Nowadays I am quite used to seeing my friends carry Epi-Pens. 405 more words

Spring Allergy Tips

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Keep Pollen Under Control

To tame pollen, wash bedding every week in hot water. Wash your hair and shower before going to bed, since pollen can accumulate in hair. 415 more words


Bramley Apple Cake - GF, DF

I love apples; especially green ones, but they give me really bad stomach ache. Cooked apples are a lot better for me and I can enjoy them occasionally, so I love putting them in puddings and cakes. 307 more words

Bitchy Bitchy Bitchy. (+Wellbutrin update)

So, a weird little fact about me: allergy medicine has a weird effect on me. It messes with my depression and makes me a super bitch. 501 more words

The price I pay

BANGKOK – It has been a whirlwind two months experience: new job, new place, new people. Although career seems to be on the go, many things are happening all at once, my health has been so frail, so weak. 301 more words


Patient Alert

Recently the New York Attorney General has accused four of the Nation’s largest dietary supplement providers of selling fraudulent and possibly dangerous herbal supplements. The FDA targeted the national retailers Target, Walmart, GNC, and Walgreens for selling products that contained little if any of the herbs their labels claimed. 58 more words