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Sometimes, food is the enemy.

Imagine, you want to treat your significant other to a special meal at a fancy restaurant for a special occasion.  You walk into a dimly, yet romantically, lit corridor leading you to the maitre D who welcomes you with a smile and takes you to a small booth where you sit, side-by-side, and look over the very ornate menu.  1,080 more words

Tips to Survive Allergies

Oh spring, the time of year filled with endless sneezes, persistent coughs and itchy eyes! With a new tree blooming every day, spring is beautiful on the eye just not in the eyes. 550 more words


Pet exposure linked to obesity

Research shows that babies who are exposed to pets, especially dogs have lower risk of obesity and other allergies

Anita Kozyrskyj, a University of Alberta epidemiologist and other researchers have analysed more than 700 Canadian children and found that babies who are exposed to pets while in the womb or up to 3 months recorded an “abundance” of ruminococcus and oscillospira. 244 more words


Sun Allergy

Every time I go out in the sun I come back inside and it fells like someone poured hot oil on my chest.  It doesn’t go away either.  176 more words

3 Steps to Managing Skin Allergies

An effective approach to managing skin allergies has three components. Firstly you must understand the condition, then you must discover if anything is triggering your skin reaction, and thirdly you must look after your skin. 596 more words

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Crawling Out of my Shell - BUGS MAKING BABIES

So I ended up sleeping till like…8:30pm. I didn’t really sleep-sleep…it was more of a…in and out sort of thing. I’d drift off for a bit, and then I’d wake up. 694 more words