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A Letter to my Family about Fragrance Sensitivity

To my long suffering family (suffering with the burden of a sick and useless me),

When I got my sense of smell back for a few moments tonight, I could smell a pungent fragrance, then; nose burning, asthma worse, headache coming on and feeling extremely dizzy… I realized once again how toxic our home is, FOR ME. 441 more words

Little White Box

Allergy-friendly Pikelets

Just a quick wee post from me today. Hubster has the week off so I have been running about the house like a mad woman trying to make to most of an extra pair of hands. 303 more words


A lesson in living?

So a week ago today I nearly died. Not had a fright or a near miss, actually came scarily close to death.

Not meaning to sound overly dramatic but I suffered anaphylaxis while in a creek, in a national park, on a track only accessible by foot, completely out of cell phone coverage with no access to any first aid. 776 more words

Biologicals: is it gold all that glitters?

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A few weeks ago I thought to upgrade what was the situation of Biologicals in Allergy and their potential use, and the conclusion was that they had arrived to stay and that the results so far were being very promising, especially in the control and treatment of asthma. 299 more words


Two Fridays

I could listen to her talk, all day-everyday.

Olivia has become more and more vocal over the past couple of weeks. Whether it’s cooing, gasping or random spurts of energy- … 832 more words


More DIY at Nana's Ranch

After looking at and reading ingredients labels on all of my haircare products, I found out I’m allergic to at least one, if not half a dozen, ingredients in all of our shampoos and conditioners. 155 more words

Nana's Ranch

Learn about Asthma and Allergies in May

May is Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month. Asthma is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways (tubes that carry oxygen in and out of the lungs). 339 more words

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