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National: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by CNN

National presidential race:
CNN is back to the right PID -D+5- so I decide to count this poll even that I am sure Trump will win Independents, Mens and Whites by larger margins and will have a stronger party support as Clinton and if you change it with the CNN PID you get a close race as all the tracking pollsters already showing it! 172 more words


AR: Donald Trump has a strong lead by TB&P

Arkansas presidential race:

52% Republican Senator John Boozman
34% Democrat Conner Eldridge
4% Libertarian Frank Gilbert
2% Other
8% Undecided

32.5% Democrat Hillary Clinton… 21 more words


Benefits Of Green Tea - Positive Impact On Health

Green tea has been consumed by people for centuries, most likely dating back to prehistoric times. It was first cultivated in Asia and has more health benefits than black tea. 501 more words


NC: Too close to call by Monmouth

North Carolina presidential race:
Hillary Clinton favorability: 35/55
Donald Trump favorability: 33/54
Governor: Too close to call with McCrory ahead 48/47/02
Senate: Senator Burr has a solid lead 49/43/02… 23 more words


Bento #3 work in progress

Hello rainy day~

today was bento day, bento again…I really struggle to get in more veggies into my bento box. Most of the time I really want to have more variety but my fridge is too small to be a nice accommodation for all my loved veggies, especially in summer and fall. 19 more words


Ein entspannter Flug, skurrile Asiaten und ein japanisch-türkischer Kebab 

Dank des Online-Check-ins gibt es für mich einen Platz am Notausgang. Die Dame neben mir – eine Norwegerin – ist eine entspannte und nette Sitznachbarin. Die Maschine – ein A340-300 – hat bei uns allerdings etwas mit Wasser zu kämpfen. 70 more words


NC: Hillary Clinton has a modest lead by PPP

North Carolina presidential race:
President Barack H. Obama job approval: 49/47
Hillary Clinton favorability: 43/52
Donald Trump favorability: 39/56
Governor: Too close to call with Cooper ahead 46/44/03… 30 more words