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Top 10 of All Time, #8: "Review: Frends "The ALLI" (Over-Ear Headphones)"

No… I did not misspell the maker of these damn-fine headphones, the missing “i” is on purpose…  and for good reason!  Here’s their story:

What is Frends …
682 more words

PLL-Don't Look Now

Wait MEGA PLOT HOLE FROM THE START- how did the DeLaurentis family moved here after Alli was one when Alli’s mom had an affair that created her… 122 more words

ABC Family

21. Point of View and Dialogue

CALL ME OLD FASHIONED (Yes, I know, “you’re old fashioned”), but when I hear the phrase Point of View I always think of the cosy voice of the BBC’s Robert Robinson reading out viewers letters. 694 more words


Hi, I’m Alli LaReau

I’m a recovering self-reliant control freak. I have severe ADHD. Anxiety is not entirely unfamiliar to me. I am too independent for my own good. Organization is a necessity, but so are people. 368 more words



A theory has been swirling around the interwebs and I totally buy it!

Bear with me–Charlie is actually WREN!

So we know Charlie was sent away for a reason, right? 87 more words


Writers' Homework: Go to the Ant and 2 Reviews

There’s an ants’ nest in the compost bin, and all the worms have disappeared.

Hopefully, they’ve moved to the apartment below, leaving the ants with the penthouse. 820 more words

The Writing Life

Alli Rae – 19 Years Old (2014/AmateurCreampies/SD) http://bit.ly/1HudIQV