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This Week in Links: June 26 - 30

For Producers:

Do This Instead of Buying a New Mic – via Dave Courvoisier – Ready to add to cart? Consider whether coaching and technical training may be a betterĀ  investment for your career than new equipment. 289 more words


This Week in Links: May 29 - June 2

ACX audiobooks win three audie awards!

Last night, at the 22nd annual Audie Awards, 3 titles produced or distributed via ACX took home the coveted prize in their category. 327 more words


Writing: How to Respond When a Reader Claims There's an Error in Your Book

This should be of interest to all writers, but non-fiction writers in particular. I’ve had this happen to me. Sometimes the reader has been right. Sometimes (thankfully, most of the time) I’ve been right. 247 more words


Can England Deliver in the next major Tournament?

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The England National Team has never seen glory past 1966 when winning the World Cup. Ever since it has been disappointment from either poor penalty shootouts, unlucky judgements or shock defeats. 372 more words


Indie Author Fringe's 2nd online conference, "Fringe to BookExpo," is Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

2017’s Indie Author Fringe 2nd of 3 online conferences, “Fringe to BookExpo,”, happens in a few weeks, on Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. Click here… 190 more words


We need to start criticising Spurs like the Big Boys or they will never improve.

On a personal note the only problem I have with Tottenham right now is the way they have been given an easy ride by the press. 581 more words