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WrestleMania XI Day 2 - Greensboro Coliseum (5/27/95)

World Tag Team Titles Match: Allied Powers (c) def. Bret Hart & Davey Boy Smith
Chris Adams and Iceman King Parsons rose to the occasion once again as they gave their challengers their required rematch. 940 more words

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World War II and It's Brutality

Rachel Taylor

Western Civilization

Hunt Tooley


Review Assignment Week 28

Did World War II become more brutal as time went on? In what ways? Was the brutality on only one side? 310 more words

Western Civilization

The Post-American World Ch 6

By Robin Boch

Chapter 6 of The Post-American World, titled “American Power,” documents America’s rise to power and questions how powerful the nation really should be.  544 more words

The Post-American World By Fareed Zakaria

Trivia Tuesday.....Chapter 11.15

We’re baaaaaacccckkkkk. I took a day off last Tuesday. Sue me. I suppose I’ve still been in a bit of a funk, but with the sun shining a little more each day and new possibilities on the horizon in other aspects of my life the fog may be lifting just a bit. 272 more words


Training for the First World War

It was ‘the war to end all wars’, comprising over 60 million troops and lasting four grueling years. When the First World War broke out in 1914, few would have envisioned the bloody scenes that came to pass. 797 more words


The Maturation of America

The 4th of July; something about America’s “birthday” lends itself to personification. America is a country by the people and for the people; our strength has always come from investing in our citizenry. 677 more words

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#TodayInHistory: #Doolittle Raid begins: US Bombs Japanese cities

Today, on April 18, 1942 (Japan):

The United States launched 16 B25s from the USS Hornet on a daring attack on the Japanese home-island hoping to boost American morale, demoralize the Japanese and show that Japan was just as vulnerable to air attacks as Pearl Harbor was. 225 more words