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I Guess I’m a Trans Separatist

I’ve been seeing a lot of my trans peers using the word “ally” as if it is a term of contempt, and this distresses me. It was my cisgender allies that literally kept me alive when I was seriously considering suicide early in my transition. 456 more words


Nonhumans First, Justice Never

Content warning for rape, sexism, slavery, racism, and other violence.

Yesterday, my friend Christopher Sebastian posted a public status update to “animal rights allies who don’t understand racism.” There was a lot of support, but of course, in the white-centric vegan movement, there were several racist comments. 682 more words


Thanksgiving and the Marginalized

This year, the Transgender Day of Remembrance was on a Friday. Due to Anne’s illness, I didn’t participate in any public worship or ritual. But, I was scheduled preach on the Sunday before, November 15th. 580 more words


Public Anouncement

I, Natasha Smith, publicly and unabashedly support the rights of LGBTQIA people and marriage equality.

That is all.

Women Of Color

Be Supportive or Be Quiet!

I fell asleep last night in front of the television (a common occurrence with me and even more so since my recent carpal tunnel surgery).  I woke up to the sound of my cell phone vibrating and beeping and pinging with notifications from Twitter, Facebook, etc.  342 more words

Women Of Color

Yes, Your Halloween Costume is Offensive. Every day. In every way.


Despite any preemptive posts and attempts to address the issue and to avoid the discussions, there are always questions and justifications about what constitutes an appropriate Halloween costume. 632 more words

Women Of Color

The Problem of Allies: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

This post first appeared on Lee Kottner’s personal blog, Dowsing. Reprinted here by permission.

So a while back, on Facebook, I posted this synopsis of my proverbial (Thanks, … 1,303 more words