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Be a Better Ally: The Future Of The World, The Role Of The US, And Our Individual Responsibility

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working out the link between poverty and sustainability and how solving one could lead to solving the other. First, I examined my… 548 more words


What the Church Can Learn from Drag Queen Bingo

I attended Drag Queen Bingo on Friday night.  It was not my first rodeo.  I lost my “drag queen virginity” a decade ago and have attended several such events.  872 more words


When Self-harm Becomes a Means of Survival


I cannot stress the importance of the I’ll Go With You campaign. The idea that I’d have someone like Anne, my Ally+, guarding me while I attend to a natural body function is a great relief. 331 more words


Cliff Effects: Taking One Leader to Over 200%

Sean is a single dad with two kids. Circles St. George used the cliff effects calculator to help him raise his salary to get to well over 200% of federal poverty level. 432 more words


New Feature: Dear FEMWOC

*We are starting a new feature where people can anonymously submit questions to the community in an effort to cultivate constructive and sincere conversations in a place that is safe for WoC. 215 more words


Be a Better Ally: Collaboration

Gordon Hannah, Site Coordinator for Circles Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania since January, started his Circle affiliation as chair of the Indiana County Circles Guiding Coalition in 2005. He watched the program in his area grow from an informal discussion among a few human service professionals to a community of churches, businesses, and volunteers working with a cohort of Circles leaders to change lives. 350 more words