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New Feature: Dear FEMWOC

*We are starting a new feature where people can anonymously submit questions to the community in an effort to cultivate constructive and sincere conversations in a place that is safe for WoC. 215 more words


Be a Better Ally: Collaboration

Gordon Hannah, Site Coordinator for Circles Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania since January, started his Circle affiliation as chair of the Indiana County Circles Guiding Coalition in 2005. He watched the program in his area grow from an informal discussion among a few human service professionals to a community of churches, businesses, and volunteers working with a cohort of Circles leaders to change lives. 350 more words


Punching Other Moms, Causing Disunity, and Other Ways to Let Your Light So Shine

A few weeks ago for Mother’s Day, the kids at church were asked to fill out a little paper all about their mom. My son’s paper proudly proclaimed, “My mom is awesome because she ‘CAN PUNCH OTHER MOMS.’” Tha hell??!! 1,005 more words

Women Of Color

Opinion: The Battle Ahead

by A. Madjunct

It was pretty hard to celebrate Independence Day this year when churches are being burned in racially motivated hate crimes and the Supreme Court has decided to entertain a case— 748 more words


Circles Success: Circles Kettering

Shirley Fuchs is the Coordinator for Circles Kettering, Ohio and a National Trainer for Circles USA. Circles Kettering’s success in increasing the earned income of its Circle Leaders (some upwards of 600% of the federal poverty level), is the result of three things: 472 more words


The Art of the Apology

Sorry didn’t do it!  You did it!”*

Love means . . . never having to say you’re sorry!”**

I have learned a lot about myself during the past few days.  1,130 more words

Women Of Color

Selfies and  Starbucks are most important

Yesterday on Facebook… I decided to really let my “friends” list what was on my mind.

I rarely post anything political or opinionated… A majority of the time, my timeline is filled with endless selfies of me and my closest Framily. 474 more words

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