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Public Anouncement

I, Natasha Smith, publicly and unabashedly support the rights of LGBTQIA people and marriage equality.

That is all.

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Be Supportive or Be Quiet!

I fell asleep last night in front of the television (a common occurrence with me and even more so since my recent carpal tunnel surgery).  I woke up to the sound of my cell phone vibrating and beeping and pinging with notifications from Twitter, Facebook, etc.  342 more words

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Yes, Your Halloween Costume is Offensive. Every day. In every way.


Despite any preemptive posts and attempts to address the issue and to avoid the discussions, there are always questions and justifications about what constitutes an appropriate Halloween costume. 632 more words

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The Problem of Allies: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

This post first appeared on Lee Kottner’s personal blog, Dowsing. Reprinted here by permission.

So a while back, on Facebook, I posted this synopsis of my proverbial (Thanks, … 1,303 more words


Be A Better Ally Recap

Like you, I’m striving to be a better Ally to Circle Leaders. Here are some ways Allies around the country are doing just that.

Be A Better Ally: A Piece of the Puzzle… 27 more words


FEMWOC Favorites

Don’t know what to do next? We have some suggestions to help you spend all of that extra time you wish you had this weekend. 207 more words

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Circles Success Roundup

We all need to celebrate our successes. Here are some recent blog posts that celebrate Circles successes around the country.

Circles Success: Salina, Kansas Finds A Circles Coordinator… 39 more words