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Six-foot alligator gets new home

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — Gators don’t make good pets. That’s from a guy who knows.

Officials of New York’s Suffolk County SPCA say they’ve found a new home for Rocky, a 6-foot alligator. 42 more words


This alligator missing its snout is a terrifying monster

Alligators are scary. That’s long been established by this point. But this creature down in Florida takes scary to a whole new level. Its top snout was torn-off in a fight with another alligator — which is actually fairly common, … 95 more words


An Alligator Rips a Guy's Bumper Off His Truck

A video called “Gator vs. Truck” picked up millions of hits on YouTube over the weekend.  It’s some idiot taunting an alligator by driving his truck right up to it.  11 more words


St.Augustine Alligator Farm [Review] 

In all my years of living in Florida. Never has the Alligator Farm crossed my mind. When thinking of St.Augustine. After visiting the other day. We shall see if my mindset has changed or not. 300 more words

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VIDEO: Here's Why You Should Never Mess With An Alligator

This is a case where I’d say this guy got what he deserved.

This guy was filming an alligator in the Louisiana bayou and kept creeping closer and closer with his truck. 50 more words


Transformers Prime Skullcruncher: G1 Nostalgia

Skullcruncher was a Decepticon in Transformers Generation one. He transformed into a pinkish-red and dark-green robot alligator – not a crocodile, his upper jaw is wider than the lower one, and the lower jaw’s teeth are obscured when his mouth is closed… Herpetological concerns aside, he was a brutish and feral (although not stupid), Decepticon, used as muscle and cannon fodder by various post-Megatron Decepticon leaders like Scorponok and Bludgeon. 1,007 more words


#48DaysofBlue Day 34

Day 34: Florida Everglades

The Everglades are a vital ecosystem that creates the connection between land and sea. The American alligator is a key stone species of the Florida Everglades for many reasons. 200 more words

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