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See You Later Alligator...

“MOM! MOM!! He is so cute … Can I keep him?”

Going on an airboat on the Florida Everglades has been on my bucket list since I can remember. 866 more words


This toy dinosaur is Citra the dog's arch nemesis

The poor dog just doesn’t know what the hell to think of this thing.


Going to see the "Tees"

The water was very clear.

A mana “tee” heading for the bridge.

This one looks like he was covered in hairs.

Tourists swimming with the manatees. 131 more words

Bird Photography

Detective Gunther Tootie: Fancy Tips

News Flash!

Dateline: Tallahassee, Florida
Detective Gunther Tootie reporting

The Fancy (Pronounced Fauncey) Brainstone murder trial is in recess while District Attorney Florian Burnem undergoes his annual colonoscopy screening. 395 more words

Buffalo Tom Peabody

Who will try this for $100?

A guy enters a bar carrying an alligator and says to the patrons, “Here’s a deal. I’ll open this alligator’s mouth and place my genitals inside. 135 more words


Monday Funday: Avocado Alligator

Make this adorable, avocado alligator as a food play activity to explore avocado with a picky eater or put him on top of a salad. 27 more words