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Gators in the swamp | Texas Photographer

Brazos Bend State Park is known for its alligators  but the last few times we have been out there we have not seen that many. On this day we actually spotted five of them. 220 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

That Starbucks Moment

In life it is important to celebrate everything that should be celebrated and enjoy those special moments as well.

So what is the ‘Starbucks Moment’? 659 more words

Peter Taylor

Beauties and some beasts.

I saw this little froggie hopping around near the boardwalk. I rarely see them at all in the parks much less see them hop.  They usually hide pretty well. 60 more words

Bird Photography

October 21st National Reptile Awareness Day

It is important that we recognize at least some of the over 100,000 species of reptiles on the earth. Many haven’t changed all that much since life began on the earth. 286 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Alligator Photo

Last year, I was in Mississippi and rode an airboat through the swamps.  It was a ton of fun, even though I got drenched.

I spotted some alligators, but I wasn’t able to get any really good photos.   20 more words

Toothy Gator

An American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) basks in the Sun along the shore of Lake Apopka in Florida. The gator’s toothy visage was reason enough to not get out of the car at this spot.