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This woman held a baby alligator and almost had a total meltdown

I haven’t done this, but I hear it’s a thing people do. It’s a thing this person did, and it was almost way too much for her to handle.


Why Is The Best Alligator Leather So Expensive?

This is a question I’m often asked and it’s always difficult to give a simple answer. As usual I turn to the expert in these matters, namely Tim de Rosen from… 478 more words


Alligator interrupts picnic, steals sandwiches

GAINSVILLE, Fla. — Two University of Florida students were shocked when this very hungry alligator crashed their picnic lunch.

Michael Tamayo told NBC News that he and a friend were having a picnic on the shore of Lake Alice when the alligator approached their blanket. 34 more words


The Beheld

“Beauty lies not in the eye of the beholder, but is instead in the heart of the beheld.”~Ronovan Hester

I hadn’t intended to combine any challenges this week, nor in fact participate. 307 more words


Nighttime Adventure on the Lake

Last night, while most people were getting in bed, Snails2Whales was just getting ready for a nighttime wildlife-watching trip on a lake. At night, turtles, gators, and even fish can be spotted with a headlight from a canoe. 291 more words


Police called to the scene after seven foot alligator invades kids soccer field

Florida police were called to a kids soccer field on Friday when a seven foot alligator was found roaming the property. Thankfully there were no kids on the field at the time, and local officials apprehended the reptile before any damage occurred. 71 more words