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Threatened alligator snapping turtle rescued from Texas drainage pipe

HOUSTON — A 53-pound alligator snapping turtle found stuck in a Texas drainage pipe is recovering after fire-rescue crews freed the prehistoric-looking animal Tuesday.

The turtle was found in Hockley, a residential development roughly 35 miles northwest of Houston, after a resident noticed it wedged in the end of a pipe and called the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 360 more words


FBI: New details in case of teen who was abducted, gang-raped, shot and fed to alligators

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – There is new information on a headline-grabbing case out of South Carolina – A 17-year-old high school soccer star goes missing, and what investigators believe happened to her… 1,110 more words


Freedom Lane: Helen Jr

“Wait ’til you see it,” Flounder said, leading Da’Quarius toward his attic room above his father’s dry cleaning business. “I got it from my cousin. He has all sorts of weird animals.” 3,507 more words

Freedom Lane

Week 41 - Austin, NASA Space Center & New Orleans

Week 10 of our North America road trip and we’ve driven 16,752kms so far (totalling 1,271kms this week). From Texas through to Louisiana, this week has been all about food and live music – well with a touch of nerdy space center in the middle. 2,334 more words

Alligator Dreams: Start Looking For Opportunity

In the dream I’m watching myself talk with someone about alligators in the creek. There is a narration like National Geographic. There is clearly no threat.

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Woman vs. Alligator for Mountain Dew

What Some People Will Do for Their Mountain Dew ™!

By Ken K. Gourdin

Though I don’t often drink Mountain Dew™, simply because my taste in libations runs in other directions, I don’t deny opting for the jolt provided by a Coke ™ or a Pepsi ™ to get me through the rest of a long day, other than super-caffeinated sodas and energy drinks, Mountain Dew ™, has the most caffeine of any caffeinated soda, and getting a pick-me-up is one thing: being totally wired is quite another. 70 more words