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Get Hard REVIEW: "Get Hart"

I realized comedies are probably the most subjective of all film genres. Every person’s sense of humor is different, and it is almost impossible for a comedy to cater to the humor profile of every single person. 534 more words

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Review by Slewo

In Community, a Dean-centric episode is always welcome in my book. As much as we’ve learned about the character of the Dean over these last 6 years: his love for his job, his love for people in Dalmatian costumes, and his “relationship” with Jeff, there have always been as many mysteries as there have been answers. 736 more words

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Review: Get Hard

Get Hard.

Comedy powerhouses Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart come together for the first time. Both of them could use a successful movie right about now, so is… 345 more words

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Community: A+ for Absurdity

I have been watching (and re-watching) Community for years. This show has always been my Top 3 of casual shows along with IT Crowd and Modern Family. 926 more words


Be Like Bojack

I haven’t heard much about “BoJack Horseman”. None of my friends watched it or recommended it to me and the only way I really found out about it was through Netflix and Twitter. 410 more words


Dan Harmon And The Cast Of 'Community' Helped To Bury Network Television At Comic-Con

Joel McHale saying “f*ck network television” immediately became my favorite thing at Comic-Con so far this year. As they point out at over at The AV Club… 770 more words