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No ecstasy without surrender

No ecstasy without surrender

There is only one way forward,

to surrender into the tar-pit,

the O-no! void-pit, stop resisting

God’s will, start proclaiming light in uncertainty, 178 more words

Allison Grayhurst

Rodents and Wings

Rodents and Wings

Days of holding up the second wall,

sustaining with syringe feedings and lifting

the broken Venetian blinds.

Days of extremes, straining to stay afloat… 338 more words

Allison Grayhurst

Book 28: The Sculptures of Allison Grayhurst 

Book 28

The Sculptures of Allison Grayhurst 

(2018, Edge Unlimited Publishing; ASIN: B078TJTY37; ISBN-13: 978-1983534270; ISBN-10: 1983534277)

Link to free download of book:

Book 28 – The Sculptures of Allison Grayhurst… 100 more words

Allison Grayhurst

Beyond The Grave – Author Allison Grayhurst

If all the seeds fell like blood

or blood like seeds into

the ravenous earth and time

was a wagging tail in the dark

then I would know that death would come… 375 more words

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