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Sowing Arctic King Lettuce

This morning I checked the weather and upon seeing that it looked great I decided to have a little reschedule and get myself up to the allotment! 167 more words


Relocating the Strawberry Patch

At the end of September I began the arduous task of weeding the strawberry patch. An absolute nightmare! So much horseradish and dandelion had sprouted up in between the strawberry plants that it just became impossible to dig the weeds out without removing the plants, so I decided to relocate to an area that I had covered over with membrane shortly after taking over the allotment last year. 179 more words



I’m heavier than I’d like at the moment, but I’d like to think my legs don’t look quite this bad in tights!

The lumpy-legs were the starting point for two scarecrows created by me and Miss MBaF (mainly me!) as part of our village’s 2nd annual scarecrow trail. 116 more words


Our Hungry Caterpillar Grew Up!

With all of the lovely fresh veg that has been passing through our kitchen of late, it’s inevitable that a bug or two is going to visit too! 115 more words


It's Been 6 Weeks....

Yep, it’s been 6 weeks since we put in any work on the Plot of Two Halves!!

We have been to Greece in this 6 weeks, celebrated 3 birthdays and said goodbye to the family dog, Bess. 290 more words


Pick of the week

As Keat’s famous ode goes, autumn is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

After a late breakfast we headed out into those seasonal mists so that Miss MBaF could take her new scooter for a spin. 216 more words


Allotment 2016

Ladies and gentlegardeners, I ended up with a more exciting weekend than usual. My typical weekend is possibly similar to that of an 80 year old man, as it usually involves allotment on Saturday and a trip to the beach on Sunday if the weather’s good and I’m feeling up to it, or staying in and watching war films if not. 598 more words