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I’ve been shattering gender stereotypes. You know, the one about the female of the species being good at reading instructions.

I’d been wondering why the climbing french beans I sowed weeks ago hadn’t germinated. 155 more words


Non-cranky active living...

The other Wednesday I saw 2 red squirrels. Well, they were more of a blush than red, but definitely not grey. It positively perked me up, that and the fact that Morrison’s had some quite large Agapanthus plants for £3 a pot. 516 more words


Our allotment!

This year as well as growing some fruit and veg in our back garden (and hopefully some spoils coming from my Dads too!), we have taken an allotment. 152 more words


Weeding Out Unwanted Guests

We longed for sun… she smiled on us.

We craved warmth… he cradled us.

We prayed for spring… she came.

But who invited the bloody weeds?! 552 more words


Spring into action!

I had a terrible moment recently, when I realised that spring is well under way, but I was yet to plant a single seed. That little problem has now been taken care of. 245 more words


Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichokes is the latest addition to the allotment

I Finally managed to repaint the old shed and complete the raise bed next  to it, now is time to plant the artichokes. 18 more words


Be careful what you wish for...

The weather this month has been unseasonably stable. April appeared to be rebranding – shaking off its showery reputation.

Already I’ve been wishing for rain and complaining about having to water the plot – this wouldn’t normally happen until mid-summer, but our free-draining ground is parched. 30 more words