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Nap-time efficiency

Miss MBaF turned 3 yesterday and I turned 3-something last week (at one point I was informed her due-date was on my birthday – but there was NO WAY I was going to be sharing!). 513 more words


Hoorah to another lb gone!

Well, I have done it. I have given up alcohol, nearly. I did actually take back 6 bottles of wine I bought in a local supermarket after I woke the next day and realised it was because they were on offer. 380 more words


On the cusp of summer

I love summer, I really do, but there’s nothing like late spring. Everything is almost there, just not yet at it’s lushest, fullest bloom.

Since the seemingly endless summers of my childhood turned into the hectic summers of my adulthood, I’ve realised this is the time you should really cherish. 93 more words


Slugs war, porridge trial update and reviews

Well well well!!!!!

How can I Start?


To be fair it does work and  I found lots of slugs tipped over unable to moved but sadly birds likes porridges too and with the slugs as an easy picking was not a good combination !!!!! 16 more words


One last chance

Returning home today from a short-but-sweet family break, I discovered the postie had left an exciting parcel.

My sweetcorn (Swift) plugs have arrived!

Could’ve done with a reminder email from Suttons (maybe it’s in my spam?) – imagine if we’d been away for a week! 122 more words


Busy Weekend....

Well, that was one hell of a busy weekend!

The initial plan on Saturday was to clean the greenhouse glass, plant some more seeds to replace the ones that we lost in the last frost and to start to clear the fruit side of the plot. 351 more words


The Hare and the Tortoise

With summer just around the corner, this was the weekend I planned to take everything I’ve been lovingly growing from seed in the polytunnel, and finally plant it all out into the allotment. 444 more words