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Warm, in the Sun

A cloudless sky, warm too, at least in the sun, but that was deceptive; leaf litter crackled underfoot, and in places the ground frost didn’t thaw. 91 more words



The plot was still frosty at 1030 this morning.  I’d planned a construction day rather than a digging day.  Mr Plot came to help drill holes in the concrete and metal greenhouse base in to which went the thunderbolts, probably over-engineered but I really don’t want my greenhouse to become airborne one windy day. 68 more words


Pak choi? no! Tatsoi.

Just when I thought the only name for it was pak choi, I was surprised to find out that a particular variety of pak choi is known as tatsoi. 57 more words

Regenerating an overgrown plot - part 1

Clearing phase

I maintain there are some things in life you should do only once.  I’d put clearing and regenerating a 10 rod allotment plot up at the top of the list.   511 more words


The Allotment Diary: Wet Things Don't Burn

This week at the allotment it was another leisurely week.  We cleared a lot of rubbish and made room for a new bed!

We also spent far too much time trying to burn wet grass.   60 more words


Fruit canes and garlic overdose

Latest from the allotment ….

The storm ripped up a lot of my weed suppressing fabric, and now I have horrible strands of frayed fabric all over the allotment (grr) maybe I shouldn’t have cut it. 128 more words


Home-made chips (and celeriac remoulade)

I haven’t made chips for years. My friend George made them for me one evening and they were so delicious I resolved to make them myself. 269 more words