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Keeping Chickens Pt 3: Illness

Our little flock are completely at home on the allotment and seem to live a pretty carefree, free-range life. We’ve always been drawn to a more natural way of keeping chickens, as close to their wild environment as possible, including an… 781 more words

Weekend Harvest

It has been a very wet and windy few weeks and so trips to the plot have been few and far between. Although, it’s still been a busy time with… 216 more words


Time for a 'chit' chat

There is on-going debate about whether to chit seed potatoes or not. Most allotment owners I speak to on my site and on social media will be chitting their potatoes. 266 more words


New allotment series: February

The Beeton Book of Garden Management chapter on February advises us to expect average day time temperatures of 5 degrees and 1 degree at night. Anticipate, it says, eleven frosty nights on average. 715 more words


..In which I explain a bit about how I became fascinated with the ideas of permaculture, no-dig and low-impact gardening – and why I believe these techniques are an asset for anybody who gardens for food. 735 more words

Our First Visitor - Of The No Legged Kind

So this guy seems to think that we are on his patch. We found him underneath one of the carpets with a baby one too. Mrs W thinks it’s a slow worm, Mr W thinks it’s a grass snake, the tiddlers think it’s a boa constrictor (natch). 7 more words


Community stuff: Feb & March 2016

As well as hearing from people seeking funding, we asked Soupers to share news of interesting things coming up. Community stuff that you’ll probably want to get involved with. 494 more words