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Bulbs, Corms, and Beautiful Days..

My Dahlia “Burlesca”, the colours deepening now it’s Autumn..

When Autumn comes, I go cosy and activated all at the same time. I still want to be outside, but I also feel tired of growing, digging, and caring for plants, and I just want to put things to bed a little. 508 more words


The great clear up

And so it begins.. another year being put to bed for the winter.

Over the coming months the plot will get pretty soggy due to its clay soil so it’s about now, as I tidy away spent crops and as the beds become available I like to make sure everything is neat, tidy and safe before the winter rains and winds arrive. 339 more words


Autumn Bonfires

Another bonfire today to finish clearing out the dead hedge which was being used by wildlife we don’t want to encourage. Over the winter months we’ll put in another woven windbreak instead, using the willow and hazel prunings and we will also plant some bulbs. 121 more words

Pressing Apple Juice

These photos are from the first pressing of apple juice at Church Farm this year! That day the students also made homemade salsa with ingredients from the Rural Care allotment—onions, tomatoes, chives and parsley.

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Allotment Tidy Up

The nasturtiums and marigolds still look glorious across most of the allotment and I am reluctant to clear them away.

But there’s always a slight urgency to get ahead at this time of year so to keep on top of things new paths have been laid. 442 more words

Cut Flower Gardening

Allotments are targets of crime

Police need support

Gloucestershire police are asking for public support following recent events in and around Cheltenham’s allotments.


Suspicious activity has been reported from a number of allotment tenants together with poor quality CCTV camera footage. 168 more words


I like getting my hands dirty, I always have. Ever since I was a little girl, I’d be happy outdoors, mucking around, planting stuff, weeding, raiding my Dad’s peas, or Mum’s blackcurrants. 1,610 more words

Growing Your Own