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I managed to pick up a bag of gravel from a local B&Q – it was heavier than I thought it would be so felt thankful that the bus driver dropped the ramp for me so I was able to get the trolley on board! 101 more words



I am so pleased with how much more I achieved with the wildlife pond today. It has really taken shape and looks amazing despite still having one side left to decorate as well as add some more rocks, stones and plants. 43 more words



The magical fairy garden space is now ready for the start of  its buildings on the next Lottie visit… Oh and a good watering was what the crops and pot plants and edging plants got! 6 more words



No jobs planned for this morning’s visit – it was a quick lightening of a visit to pick up some plant pots so I ca pot on my seedlings at home. 121 more words


Plot 11w Update

Since taking on the abandoned half plot next to my allotment the weather has been against me, it’s to be expected for January and February but the weather has been particularly wet and wild, devastating homes and businesses in some parts of the country. 206 more words


Plot 11w

Last summer I spoke to the site secretary about taking on the abandoned half plot that backs onto mine provided nobody on the list wanted it, the deadline for rents arrived and I was told the previous tenant hadn’t renewed but a potential new tenant viewed it and was interested so I put it to the back of my mind, grateful the weeds would eventually be under some sort of control after watching it slowly become a meadow. 148 more words