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I managed to pick up a bag of gravel from a local B&Q – it was heavier than I thought it would be so felt thankful that the bus driver dropped the ramp for me so I was able to get the trolley on board! 101 more words


The allotment adventure begins!

Hi, and welcome to the allotofweeds blog!

We are Andy and Sally, and yesterday we got a call to say that our (nearly two year) wait for an allotment plot is over. 123 more words


I am so pleased with how much more I achieved with the wildlife pond today. It has really taken shape and looks amazing despite still having one side left to decorate as well as add some more rocks, stones and plants. 43 more words


Time Flies.

“I’ll only be an hour I said to my wife after taking her up her coffee.” Two hours later I came back in hardly able to walk and complaining that my back was hurting. 173 more words



The magical fairy garden space is now ready for the start of  its buildings on the next Lottie visit… Oh and a good watering was what the crops and pot plants and edging plants got! 6 more words



I really need to get a little bit more structure to these posts before I hopefully gain some subscribers or fellow allotmenteers to share my ramblings with but my excuse is that, having taken over the plot in the autumn and having been somewhat haphazard in how I’ve spent the first few months I can only apologise. 376 more words


The Maternity shed

The labour suite

The shed up at the house is starting to look like a plant maternity ward. I’ve just got the Dwarf Beans and the Cucumber seeds in the propagator whilst pricked out I’ve got the lettuce, Beetroot, and two mystery seeds, I think one might be carrot but I’m not sure. 270 more words