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DePuy Pinnacle Hip Lawsuits: Federal Litigation Amends Case Management Order to Allow for Joinder of Unrelated Claims

DePuy Pinnacle Hip Suits: Federal Litigation Amends Case Management Order to Permit Joinder of Unassociated Claims
Bernstein Liebhard LLP is representing hundreds of clientels who have submitted Depuy Peak suits in the federal multidistrict litigation underway in the Northern District of…

Don't "MIND" Me

Note to Self:

The mind will always be full of thoughts; some worthy and some downright crazy. We can do our best to quiet the mind, to slow down the racquet, but in our day to day life there will always be thoughts coming and going. 506 more words



… a verb that means to let someone have or do something. It is also to give someone permission or authorise or grant someone the right to do or use something. 226 more words


See beyond the disease

You cannot look upon the disease and see it as reality and heal it.
You must be able to see beyond the disease, see the knowing of the pure flow of love that is, knowing that the disease is a message of misalignment. 79 more words

Daily Quote

Be strong. Be you.

Joshua was old. Like really old. People guess he was around 60 when he entered the promise land. So our story basically starts with Moses death and God goes here Joshua, you’re old but have all these people to lead. 546 more words


Responding vs. Reacting; A Leading-Edge Switch Up of An Outdated Habit...~*

Creator, I read just something amazing and informative and of course, had to share immediately. This Teaching is from Osho’s book, “Tarot in The Spirit of Zen, The Game of Life.” I “randomly” opened to the page that had the plu-perfect answer to a question that I have been having about REACTING! 311 more words


So much more is possible

We say to you: there is no reason for you to hold yourself back from the life you wish to lead.
There is no reason for you to hold yourself back from the life you wish to lead. 53 more words

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