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What a palm tree taught me about free will

I was watching a palm tree outside the window of my car before going out for dinner with my husband. The leaves were randomly moving in all directions. 281 more words


Allow your life to take form

You are doing well to not try to smash your life into a premade form.
You are doing well to allow it to take shape as you flow, to take shape as you grow. 89 more words

Playing Catch Up

Game design and player agency

Player agency, the ability to execute will, is key to game experiences. When a game forces something upon you, particularly something you can reasonably expect to be easily rid of, then it lessens the experience. 244 more words


This concept can be tough for most of us to grasp, giving up control and putting our trust in the unknown can be scary.
Honestly, does any one of you really know what the future holds for you?


5 years ago today...

March 25, 2010 – 5 years ago…
They had started speaking to me and coming through in upside down and backward writing in September, 2009, and it wasn’t too long before they started telling me that I should allow them to SPEAK through me. 91 more words

Daily Quote


I think one of the hardest exercises for our belief system is when we have to let go of our need to have control of every situation in our life and allow our heart to trust that things will be alright. 437 more words


KoolioBandz - Review and Give-away

Have you heard of KoolioBandz? I hadn’t either, until Aisling from the ISPCC contacted me to see if I would like to review them for the blog. 692 more words