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Allowing murder
Thinking that is loyalty
You aid and abet


You get Exactly What You've Allowed

In relationships if you don’t love yourself don’t expect for anyone else to love you. What I am saying here is many people are in bad relationships because they’ve become involved with people who are like them (messed up emotionally). 428 more words


When I gaze
into your eyes
and hear your thoughts
in carefree bliss,
when I grab your ass
and place a hand
behind your neck… 46 more words


Take great satisfaction in how good it feels ❤

Cherish the moments when you feel good! Allow yourself to truly enjoy your time, have fun and take pleasure from the moment.

These moments when you feel good are so valuable, love theses moments and take great satisfaction in how good it feels.

How To Allow


to hide from the sun

its light a burden – your truth

stifled – be revealed


The Open Yet Hidden Secret To Learning And Transformation

“The secret to learning and transformation is hidden in plain sight. It’s something nearly everyone knows about but doesn’t actually know, apply, and transform from it. 666 more words

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