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What Travelers Can Bring Along

It’s a problem that everyone has been confronted with at least once in their life when packing: “Am I allowed to bring this with me ?” “How many pairs of shoes can I buy abroad ?” “Will I go to jail if I have a toothpick in my suitcase ?” 289 more words

First Trip!

So last weekend Aussie and I took our first trip together to New Orleans! We stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel which was hands down the nicest hotel I’ve ever been in. 522 more words


The Middle

The following Saturday Aussie and I decide to watch my schools first football game of the season. I trusted him enough at that point so i agreed to go over to his place. 525 more words


A System of Allowance

As my kids have made the journey into their tween and teen years, I’ve tried a number of different  methods to get them to help around the house. 395 more words


Incoming Sugar Date

My very first sugar date has been booked in! Next Monday. She is five years older than I am, very nice and patient to speak with, a nutritionist, vegan like I am now, and quite attractive. 461 more words


Why I've Started Giving My Three Year Old An Allowance

I meant to post this last night… I’m already missing my daily post.  But Grace, Right?

Yesterday was a sweet little family day in our house.   529 more words


Teaching the skills: Arrange own haircuts

Back when I was a kid, we either didn’t have hairdressers, or we didn’t have money to afford hairdressers. So, our mothers and aunts at home took it up on themselves to give us a haircut every now and then. 446 more words