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On Memory & Forgetting

I swear this was not the post I was intending to write today. In fact, I had two completely different ideas and themes I wanted to analyze and discuss, but I forgot what they were. 542 more words


Chores = Allowance

I have something to share with you.

Does this sound familiar?

Daughter:  Mom, I want a new beanie boo and a new Barbie doll.   400 more words


My Best Tip for Traveling with Kids

“Are we there yet?”

“He hit me!”

“Mom, I’m so bored . . .”

Do you ever hear the utterance of these words whilst on long road trips?   707 more words


Family: Work For Hire! Chores and Allowance

Little Geek loves Minecraft.

He loves it so much he’s taken a class on how to use mods in the game. When he’s not playing on the PlayStation, he’s reading books on how to build structures and worlds, or he’s outside with his friends roleplaying Minecraft in the yard. 826 more words


Savings Account

When I was nine years old, I told my parents I wanted my own personal savings account. The bank had a promotion where children could create a savings account with a super low interest rate. 795 more words

Self Analysis

Counting the Quarters

When I first started giving my daughter an allowance – $3/week – at the age of 6, it seemed to be a big old waste of time. 302 more words


weekly budget check

This is my budget check for the week.

End result: I am $2.5 over my generous weekly allowance – argh. More than that though I have an additional $307 expenses that are business-related dinners and socials as well as shopping for cleaning products and house-maintenance (caulk etc.) materials. 61 more words

Conscious Spending