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While attending an awesome fundraising concert at 12 Stone Farm I was blessed with not only great music and fellowship but I witnessed something that was truly amazing to me. 274 more words

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Why a TI Allowance May Not Live Up to Tenant Expectations

A tenant improvement allowance (TI allowance) doesn’t always meet tenant expectations when all is said and done. Learn how to avoid costly TIA mistakes.

How Much of a TI Allowance Can You Really Expect?

How much of a TI allowance can a tenant really expect when leasing a commercial space? Here are a few factors that come into play w/ tenant improvements.

Good Reads: Finances and Kid(d)s

One thing I’ve learned about having kids is that it forces you to look at your own short comings, what important lessons you’ve learned in life that you want to share with your children and hope that they can learn from them too. 476 more words


Kids and Money

The lessons you teach your children about money will stay with them for their entire life. ¬†What you teach them, and what you don’t teach them, can affect them well into adulthood. 927 more words

Personal Finance

Why I don't give my kids allowance

I grew up in a house where Friday was chore day. We took turns in each room and never got an allowance for that work. At 16 I got a job, and started paying for things myself. 436 more words


Allowance is the Lubricant of Change

How do you live in Allowance within your relationship?

Do you approach your partner with acceptance for what you cannot change in them? Or do you control, manipulate and dishonor your partner into the behaviors that you are sure that you know are the best ones for both of you? 365 more words