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The Importance of Chores

Oh my.  If my littles didn’t pitch in every morning and take care of their responsibilities, I would be drowning.  I seriously look forward to sipping my coffee while listening to the sound of the vacuum cleaner running and smile, knowing it’s not me having to do it.   1,583 more words

Making A Home

Kids and Allowance

Teaching children how to (and how not to) manage money is one of the best skills you can give them. So I’m going to share some of our ideas and what’s worked with our family, I hope it’s of some benefit to you. 838 more words

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Allowances & our children!

How are we raising our children?

Some of you might already know that I’m a USMC Veteran and ‘that’ might influence in part my character. I never got “an allowance” as a child and neither did my wife and we turned out ok. 556 more words



Hi! I uploaded a new vlog! I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. :)

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Still going down.

Only half a lb down but that’s still going in the right direction. It’s about 3-4 days of counting calories when the hunger sets in and I really just want to eat and eat and eat. 74 more words

If You "Can't Adult", Stop Spending Like One

Way back in 2000, I had an allowance of $5/day in early high school. I was supposed to buy lunch with it, but most of the time, I’d blow it all on a cup of overpriced coffee. 393 more words

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Great Survey: Should Kids Get Allowance?

By Oscar Wolfe

I’ve been getting allowance for a couple of years. I fought hard for it. Now, my parents are re-thinking allowance and they’re three weeks behind. 990 more words

Kid P.O.V.