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money diaries │ week one

I had to think long and hard before doing this, simply because I don’t want to see where my money is going every day and how lazy I could get, budget-wise, when I’m stressed. 1,027 more words


Mistake prior mistake

When being afraid
Of commiting a mistake
The mistake already hides
In the thought

DidiArtist, 24.02.2018


5 Tips For Raising Secure And Unspoiled Kids

Raising children is a constant balancing act. You want to provide structure and stability, but you also don’t want to run an overly militant household. It’s important to you that you show you care about your child’s whereabouts and choices, but you don’t want to be a helicopter parent. 948 more words

Pick up sticks

For some reason unclear to me, Luke decided he wanted a catcher’s mitt. Whenever Luke plays baseball and a catcher is sought, he doesn’t volunteer. He likes pitcher, shortstop, and first base. 737 more words

Previously In My Weekly Column

Clever is in business!

My eldest son, Clever, 8 1/2 (officially) has been hired.  His first job.  His father and I are his employers and we could not be more thrilled with our new employ. 793 more words

Contemplate on the I AM!

It has been a very powerful time for all of us lately. Don’t you think so….? I do. 

The energies of this universe are swirling, assimilating, separating, mixing, so on and so forth. 389 more words

Chasing after the world~

Perhaps the biggest dis-ease in the world today is living life on the Hamster Wheel.

The constant grind and struggle and pursuit of something:  Money.   Job.  160 more words