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observation and the art of allowance~

It is interesting and a great learning experience to observe just how much struggle we create in our daily lives and how much energy we expend on things that are not working.  197 more words


New allowances for trading and property income

Trading income allowance

A new allowance of £1,000 will be available for people who make money from selling goods or providing services. Under current rules, small amounts of trading income, for example from undertaking occasional jobs or selling goods on e-bay must be declared to HMRC and, to the extent that the income is not covered by the personal allowance, the income is taxable. 459 more words


Battling the Significance and Allowance of Having My Own Back

I am learning so much about who I be, how I would like to show up in the world and what contribution I would like to be for others and receive in my life and the significance that I have given all of that; while simultaneously showing up in ways that may be perceived and would have once been my point of view as completely the opposite…overly sensitive, confrontational, uncaring and unkind and all the significance that I have given to that. 436 more words



chirp of early morning,
feet bare new,
tucked under.
i sit quietly.
i write a poem.

it is to paint.
it is to dance.
a ticket to travel. 69 more words


Personal tax changes for 2016/17

The start of a new tax year generally brings with it a number of changes and 2016/17 is no exception. So what has changed for this year? 367 more words


Tips for Budgeting - #2 $10

Here is another tip for keeping your budget low and within means. This tip was given to me by my father. It happened in a point in my life where I was spending so much on food that I didn’t have enough money to spend for each month. 343 more words