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Think About Saving Money Differently

The idea of saving money is pretty straightforward: Any time you choose not to spend money or any time you spend money on something at a cheaper price than you would normally pay, you’re saving money. 632 more words


Dear Sarah: Chores

Dear Sarah,

What do you think is a good age at which to start giving children chores? Should chores be a requirement for getting an allowance? 799 more words

Western MA

10 Chores That Benefit Your Kids

Look out parents – summer is here in all its apathetic glory. With classes out of session, extracurricular activities stopped, and required homework and reading suspended, most kids have WAY too much free time on their hands. 1,408 more words

Can you imagine a Lebanese MP living on $20 a week? Helen Goodman does

MP lives on £18 a week food bill, and we love her for it

Gareth On March 1, 2013 REVIEW OVERVIEW

A rare breed.
Could you imagine Boris (Johnson) and DavCam shopping around for food on £18 a week? 1,418 more words


How & When to Teach Your Kids About Saving and Investing (in 3 minutes)

When I was five years old, my parents began giving me an allowance. It was a dollar per week. At that age, I usually placed it directly into my giant piggy bank (although $1 candy did win, sometimes). 358 more words


Self Gifting

Watching others be themselves is the most beautiful thing…just as beautiful as being myself…and watching the world, life be itself. Nature, the trees, the animals, plants and insects, ocean…the earth. 29 more words

Beautiful Life

Unexpected and Costly

The comic books, mostly superhero-type comics from DC Comics and Marvel, cost ten cents each back then. The packs of baseball cards, sold by Topps and Fleet, cost a nickel each and included seven baseball cards and a flat, square piece of pink bubblegum. 205 more words

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