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3 Ways to Teach Your Kids How to Save Money

Kids need to know and learn that money is earned and should be spent wisely. Having a roof over your head and food in your stomach is more important than buying the latest and greatest thing. 311 more words

Finland raises yearly allowance for Estonians who fought with Finnish forces to EUR 2,000

TALLINN, Sep 19, BNS – The government of Finland has decided to raise the size of the annual allowance paid to Estonian volunteers who fought with the Finnish army in World War II to 2,000 euros from the present 590 euros. 102 more words

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The Place to Be for Tranquillity

Ever longed for peace and quiet? Didn’t know where or how to find it? How about this: be peaceful – be quiet – right here – right now. 259 more words

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Have you been mis-sold PPI over the years?

There are millions of people who have already successfully claimed for mis-sold PPI, so make contact with your banks to make a claim; you could be owed thousands. 384 more words



I have been so blessed with this new coaching career. The transformations are interchangeable. I am able to fill my dreams, while helping others obtain theirs. 124 more words

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Day 74 of 365: "dear life partner" -- a blast-from-the-past letter

I’ve been working on my second book, entitled “big boobs + thigh gap: a journey beyond conventional beauty”. And by “working on” I mean aptly avoiding for two months. 1,129 more words

365 Days Of Embracing The Unknown!

Count Me In! How To Help Your Child Achieve Financial Literacy

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​By Eunice Sou


Money is a key tool in life and is crucial for survival. As a matter of fact, basic essentials for living such as food and water has to be bought by money. 936 more words

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