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Sentinel Sale and Surgery

Ok, here’s the rest of my major news. In October, a Des Moines art appreciator approached me regarding two of the four Sentinels I had remaining in my studio after my sale to the Williston Public Library last May. 1,742 more words


 I’M NEVER SMOKING AGAIN! I will swear before a court of law if I have to. That thing almost killed me! And that saying about a problem shared being half solved…Lie from the pit of hellfire! 602 more words


Time to resolve to get more serious about ...

So I started this website, cbThings, a couple years ago or so just as a HOBBY to keep up with WordPress and my old HTML-type coding skills.  516 more words

Have a Happy "cheery & bright" Thanksgiving ! !

Falling into Thanksgiving Fun is EASY.  Or it could be.  Maybe ?

Hope something Here ( my Thanksgiving Pinterest board ) or my… 136 more words

From today's "News", what should I preserve for 'Historical Posterity'?

Lately, on my cbThings group blogs, I’ve been using the phrase ‘Historical Posterity’ more.  So I began wondering about that possible overuse as well as a few recent posts and/or pin-comments I’ve ‘published’ recently.  1,037 more words

All's Well



       This is the last episode of the series Driving With Crazy. It’s been an honor taking this journey with Aisha and Alex and everyone who has taken out time to read any of the episodes. 2,165 more words


Welcome World - Sticky Posts are Now Being Tamed

What is a ‘Sticky Post,’ and why is there now a new category entitled ‘1+ Sticky Posts No Longer Stuck‘?

In this website, … 231 more words

All's Well