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Supergirl Rocks!!!

Let’s hit the ground running with this “GIRL” issue. When Supergirl hit the airwaves a year ago there was some backlash over a female being called girl. 419 more words

Searching My Soul - Vonda Shepard Oran Mor March 2009

Waking up with a sore head from the overpriced vodka and cokes, I wondered whether last night was a dream. I had spent many a night curled up in bed after a long day at the office with my Ally McBeal DVDs watching  Vonda Shepard sing in the piano bar downstairs, wishing I could join the Cage and Fish crew for a few drinks and a dance. 543 more words

Biscuit, The

High school nickname of John Cage (Peter MacNicol), the eccentric senior partner in Cage/Fish & Associates on the legal dramedy ALLY McBEAL/FOX/1997-2002.

John’s fellow students “poked and prodded” him because he bore a resemblance to the Pillsbury Dough Boy. 46 more words


'90s Kids

Binge watching Ally McBeal during one of my stay-in-bed-all-day-and-avoid-all-responsiblities Netflix sessions, I couldn’t help but notice how Calista Flockhart’s style was still pretty relevant today. One trip down memory lane with the image of my older cousins’ attire in mind – absorbed in Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty fighting demons – I came to the only plausible conclusion: the ’90s are back. 448 more words



For a long time the world of comedy was exclusively male. If the status quo was questioned, then the party line was that “women can’t be funny”. 57 more words


A friend calls and says she may stop by. You’re in the middle of trying out a new gadget (that you probably didn’t need anyway) while answering emails – basically busy. 217 more words

I Should Be BFFs With Virginia Gay Right Now

The title says it all really, I should be off being BFFs with Virginia Gay right now instead of contemplating what spread to use on my toast. 464 more words