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Ally McBeal season 1 : a first look 20 years later

*with light spoilers regarding the plot*

I had vague memories of my older sisters watching Ally McBeal. It first aired in 1998 in France, was widely popular with women aged 18-35 but I was just five at that time. 372 more words


Filmowo-serialowo, a na pewno komiksowo

Uwielbiam filmy, a miłości tej dzielnie sekunduje żywe zainteresowanie serialami. Oczywiście znajduje to odzwierciedlenie w moich komiksach. Chcecie wiedzieć jak? :) 245 more words

Palcówki O życiu

Ally McBeal

On the legal comedy-drama series “Ally McBeal,” which ran from 1997 until 2002, the lead character, played by Calista Flockheart, worked on the 7th floor at the fictional Boston law firm Cage And Fish.  24 more words

TV Locations


Dress codes…often a mystery to both men and women. Being a woman myself, I feel more qualified to comment on the female side. That’s not to say its always easy for men! 1,863 more words


A Wired Family Update: The Impact of Sexualized Media On Our Children

Did you ever hear the old adage, “Parents of teenagers know why animals eat their young.”

It pretty much sums up how frustrating it can be when the one thing you love more than life itself goes off the rails from time-to-time. 51 more words

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Workplace

There is a very big reason why I’m not mentioning one of my all time favourite workplace related comedy show in this list, and it’s because the last theme for this year is much more suited for it. 319 more words

Thursday Movie Picks


The moniker of Jennifer “Whipper” Cone (Dyan Cannon) an opinionated and very independent municipal judge on the legal dramedy ALLY MCBEAL/FOX/1997-2002.

Cone’s nickname implied her toughness, as in “there’s a kitten who knows her way around a whip.”

Insulting Nicknames