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A friend calls and says she may stop by. You’re in the middle of trying out a new gadget (that you probably didn’t need anyway) while answering emails – basically busy. 217 more words

I Should Be BFFs With Virginia Gay Right Now

The title says it all really, I should be off being BFFs with Virginia Gay right now instead of contemplating what spread to use on my toast. 464 more words

Day 12 of Accountability

This week I’m going to celebrate some of my favorite things that inspire me as a writer. My last list consisted of my top 10 favorite movies,  but it isn’t that easy when it comes to TV shows. 154 more words

Nope, Not a 1-hit Wonder/LeBlog's Cheesetastic Classics: Dan Hill

You might have noticed that the “Nope, Not a 1-hit Wonder” parade has slowed down a little since its introductory burst onto the LeBlog scene a couple of years ago. 1,592 more words


Ally McBeal

Did you watch Ally McBeal, back in the day?  Revealing my age, or generation, I suppose, that I was old enough to watch it and understand most of it, at a time when some of you were toddlers – or, … 612 more words

10 Quotes That Perfectly Reflect The Roommate Life

Leading a roommate life, and you are proud/happy/sad about it. Here are 10 quotes that perfectly reflect your situation:

When Your Roommate Has Just Shifted In… 463 more words


Three Björns, Mix-tapes and Hooked on a Feeling

Last time I wrote about the Eurovision Song Contest and how it was devised in 1955 as a means of bringing countries together, post-war, in the form of a “light” television entertainment programme. 1,136 more words

1970s Songs