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Well, since with the previous one didn’t work out.
I pray : “Allah, if that man, who now live in the other side of the world, is better for me, then please make him close to me, make me close to him, make it easy for us, guide, bless us. 121 more words


I’m worried about the upcoming reboot of Ghostbusters.

I was beside myself at the prospect of Jurassic World’s release this summer, and was not disappointed when I went to see it (twice). 1,170 more words

The Analyst...

Getting to know me...Anonymously-ish

After my earlier rant I went to gym, now I am home and bored, but also don’t have the brain power or motivation to write an original blog. 1,250 more words


Confession time: I’ve been so distracted. I wanted to blog some time ago but I was distracted by Zite, Facebook, Twitter, News360 etc… and Pet Rescue videos. 142 more words


Actress Lisa Nicole Carson: "I Thought I Had It All Together"

From scene-stealing acting in movies like Love Jones and Devil In A Blue Dress, as well as memorable scenes in TV shows like Ally McBeal… 1,000 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Actress Lisa Nicole Carson Shares Struggle With Bipolar Disorder

Actress Lisa Nicole Carson has just penned a candid essay for ESSENCE Magazine about her struggle with bipolar disorder. Carson was becoming Hollywood’s new “it” girl in the 90s with starring roles in Ally McBeal, ER and Love Jones. 401 more words


Found: Actress Lisa Nicole Carson Resurfaces, Acknowledges Bipolar Disorder

With a notable work on the small screen (Ally McBeal) and big screen (Love Jones, Devil in a Blue Dress), the ‘90s belonged to… 721 more words

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