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Don't you forget about me....

Thirty years ago, 30 years ago, damn I was only a kid.

One of the greatest movies of my generation was released, 30 years ago this week~ … 581 more words


The Breakfast Club... Gen X's Imperfect World 30 Years Later

“You see us as you want to see us – in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. You see us as a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. 925 more words

On February 15 "The Breakfast Club" was released ...

On February 15, 1985, “The Breakfast Club,” considered one of the greatest high school films to be made, was released. The coming-of-age film, written and directed by famed director John Hughes, follows a group of teenagers from different cliques who discover they have more in common than what meets the eye after serving Saturday afternoon detention. 151 more words

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The Breakfast Club returning to theaters for 30th anniversary screenings

The Brat Pack is back this spring: Universal Pictures is re-releasing The Breakfast Club in theaters to celebrate the film’s 30th anniversary.

A newly-restored version of John Hughes’ classic high school comedy will hit 430 screens across the US on March 26th and 31st at 7:30 p.m.  108 more words


Happy 30th Anniversary, "The Breakfast Club"!

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen tons of 80s movies (being a child of the 80s, I should be ashamed… this is something I have took strides in remedying… 193 more words


'The Breakfast Club' turns 30

On this day in movie history…

It was 30 years ago today, on Feb. 15, 1985, that The Breakfast Club was released.

The film, which was directed by John Hughes, gave audiences a better insight on who The Princess (Molly Ringwald’s character, Claire), The Athlete (Emilio Estevez’s character, Andrew), The Brain (Anthony Michael Hall’s character, Brian), The Basket Case (Ally Sheedy’s character, Allison) and The Criminal (Judd Nelson’s character, John) really were. 🎦 🎬



TITLE: WarGames YEAR: 1983 RANK: Jedi, Rebel, Droid, Sith GENRE: Thriller CAST: Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, Dabney Coleman, Barry Corbin, Eddie Deezen

This iconic, groundbreaking Reagan era tech thriller hit screens as home computers were becoming fairly commonplace inside particular bedrooms of brainy suburban teenagers… Enter Matthew Broderick as David, who, with the light tap of a few consul buttons, is able to change his own grades after smarting off to an uptight Science teacher while his new girlfriend Jennifer, played by near-future Brat Pack beauty Ally Sheedy, is by his side when an intriguing game appears on David’s computer during a search, fitfully and formidably titled THERMONUCLEAR WAR, which happens to instigate potential World War III between then Cold War rivals America and Russia. 324 more words