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Betsy's Wedding (1990) [review]

Alan Alda made a great comedy here, in which he created characters in a situation that so many of us have been involved. This does not necessarily have that much to do with the wedding itself, but the build up and the two families involved. 363 more words


Video Review: Simple Minds "Don't You (Forget About Me)"

Underneath the chandelier of a vacant home, Jim Kerr dances. With a movement of his arm, a row of televisions appear behind him. In the back of the room, Mel plays the drums, his face on the screens. 550 more words

Music Video

A Movie A Day #191: Blue City (1986, directed by Michelle Manning)

Billy Turner (Judd Nelson) has always been the bad boy but now he just wants to return to his Florida hometown and reconnect with his estranged father.   519 more words


1985, Sierra National Forest, California: Ally Sheedy Sees Bigfoot


1985, Sierra National Forest, California: Ally Sheedy Sees Bigfoot

Ally Sheedy was on vacation after the premier of St. Elmo’s Fire. She and some friends were hanging around Shaver Lake. 114 more words


The Breakfast Club

Dir: John Hughes. 1985


John Hughes’ debut feature, is the quintessential teen movie. Perfect in its depiction of teenage angst and a desire to belong, or fit in, Hughes has captured the real pain and sorrow of high school and the dysfunctions of social class. 631 more words

😉The Breakfast Club - 1985😆

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I liked the movie, it was funny and entertaining. I had already graduated High School years before the release. The characters – Princess, Jock, Geek, et. 51 more words



As promised, here is the final installment of this truly revealing series of blog posts.

The following revelations may be enough for one to begin to question not just mainstream or even alternative media sources, but to question the very reality they have unquestioningly been conditioned to believe. 1,301 more words

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