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The "Partner" in Partner Organization

Public Allies Los Angeles (PALA) Class of 2012 graduates on Friday. During our Presentations of Learning two weeks ago, we shared our struggles, successes, and learning (they were emotional and eye-opening, and inspired… 481 more words

I, Too, Sing America

As a member of Public Allies, reflecting on the meaning of service is a daily occurrence. Public Allies pushes service beyond band-aid approaches into the realm of inquiry that seeks to address the root causes of different social issues. 278 more words

What does your leadership look like?

Last month, Public Allies National started the Everyone Doodles contest on Facebook, asking for doodles that answer the question “How do YOU lead?”

Since I don’t use Facebook, I can’t enter the contest, but this reminded me of a question we were asked during the PA Los Angeles Mid-Year Retreat: “What do you want your leadership to look like?” We drew our answer onto our paperbag “mailboxes” which we use to leave one another messages through the retreat. 258 more words

More art from the Queens Teens at QMA

More art from the Queens Teens at QMA: A detail from the banner from their culminating exhibition Objects With a Story.

We had our last session with the teens a few weeks ago and as they go on to senior year or even college, it really made me reflect on how lucky we were to work with such a creative bunch of young people! 64 more words

Contemplating collaboration

On Wednesday, May 30th, the second year allies had the opportunity to facilitate training for the first year allies at Public Allies Maryland. The training discussed leadership, how we define it, what it means to be a “good” or “bad” leader and an “effective” or “ineffective” leader. 292 more words

Why you should join Public Allies

This is one in a series of Ally Snapshot blog posts on the theme, “Why Public Allies?” If you are thinking of service work, please read on. 711 more words

You see a playground, PS 144 sees a giant chalkboard!

We visited PS 144 in Queens for some really fun art projects on the New York watershed – including a huge chalk mural on their playground. 18 more words