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Missing files in MSDeploy package


If you create an MSDeploy package for a SharePoint or O365 AddIn (a.k.a App) in a team build the package does not include all files (like i.e. 165 more words


Close All Opened Browsers Except HP Quality Center/ALM

Option : I

Function CloseIEExceptALM()
On Error Resume Next
iCurItr = 0
bExit = False
Set objDlg = Dialog("regexpwndtitle:=.*Internet Explorer.*","Index:=" & iCurItr)
If Dialog("regexpwndtitle:=.*Internet Explorer.*","Index:=" & iCurItr).Exist(0) Then… 266 more words


Convert JSON to XML using QTP/UFT/VBScript

Sample Code :

Dim strPage,strJSON,objIE

strPage = “C:\Jay\JLoader.html”

Set objIE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)

objIE.Visible = True

objIE.Navigate2 strPage

While objIE.Busy : Wend

strJSON = “{“”FirstName””:””Jay””, “”LastName””:””Krishna””}” 201 more words


Best Feature of TFS 2015 Update 1

Shortly before Christmas 2015 was the TFS 2015 Update 1 released, within this release are some new features that bring more productivity to Team Development and DevOps. 1,760 more words


Deploy Jenkins quiet mode using Powershell

$path = “<local computer path\>"
$setup = "Jenkins.msi"
$program = $path + $setup
Start-Process -FilePath $program -ArgumentList "/quiet"

This script is tested on Jenkins build 1.646 and works perfect.


Sync your GitHub fork from within Visual Studio

If you work with GitHub, a pretty common task is to update your fork with changes from the original repository. The documentation on github explains how you can do it from the command line. 199 more words


Azure Cloud Load Testing – Part 2

In the previous blog post, I showed how easy it is to initiate a load test from Azure by just providing a URL of the web page you want to load test, specify the number of users and the duration. 527 more words