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Microsoft Planner - The task tracker we deserve

For years, I have been a dedicated user of Trello as you may have seen in some blog posts. Recently, however, my team has been using O365 and Microsoft Teams in an effort to push Teams to its limit and get the most out of the integrations Microsoft has put together between all their tools. 975 more words


Static Security Analysis of Container Images with CoreOS Clair

Container security is (or should be) a concern to anyone running software on Docker Containers. Gone are the days when running random Images found on the internet was common place. 1,405 more words

Azure Platform

Running a Linux VSTS Agent on Azure Container Instances

About 3 weeks ago, Corey Sanders (https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/announcing-azure-container-instances/) announced in his blog that Azure Container Instances is in private preview. I think that this new Azure service is very promising. 229 more words

PLM Holiday Thoughts

PLM holiday thoughts

July and August are the months that privileged people go on holiday. Depending on where you live and work it can be a long weekend or a long month. 916 more words


Moving from Azure VMs to Azure VM Scale Sets – Runtime Instance Configuration

In my previous post I covered how you can move from deploying a solution to pre-provisioned Virtual Machines (VMs) in Azure to a process that allows you to create a custom VM Image that you deploy into VM Scale Sets (VMSS) in Azure. 915 more words


VSTS Plugin for FeatureSwitcher

Today I released a Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS) Plugin for FeatureSwitcher – an open source .NET project to help you with FeatureFlags. The FeatureSwitcher.VstsConfiguration… 439 more words


Fix slow performance of npm tasks on TFS build agent


TFS or VSTS builds that contain npm tasks take a very long time on a private build agent.

As you can see in the image, each npm stept takes more then 6 minutes – even a npm config. 156 more words