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Amaretti Biscuits from Maria

This is a recipe passed on by a Greek friend, Kathy.

Photo credit: https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/uncategorised-recipes/amaretti-biscuits/

1 kilo ground almonds

500g caster sugar

1/2 small bottle almond essence… 62 more words


Blueberry Friand Slice

I do like a nice friand cake but making them can be quite fiddly when you need to grease individual friand tins… Then, I came across this recipe.  312 more words


Roasted Broccoli Galette with an Almond Meal Crust | VeganMoFo 2017 Day Fourteen

Week Two: Behind the Scenes
Repurposing food: Show us what you do with mushroom stems, stale end bits of bread, carrot tops, etc.

If I were to take this prompt literally and to show you what I do with leftover bits of food, I would be sharing a picture of the compost bin at work, where all my vegetal leftovers wind up. 720 more words


Fathead Cracker/ Pizza Crust

Keeping with the season – a blast from the past. Give this Halloween Pizza a try. If you are on a ketogenic, low-carb diet, you can substitute the bread dough for a… 120 more words


Macarons are from the French, Macron is for the French.

Hi everyone,

I know the title is a little out of date but I have been super, super slack of late and I’m really sorry. That is of course if there is anyone still interested in reading my blog. 988 more words


Trippin' Bliss Balls

I made these decadent little morsels for a treat. Still packed full of goodness and superfoods, they make eating food in which you know all the ingredients much easier; and they are much better for you than a biscuit or piece of cake!… and I add extra fibre to my bliss balls in the form of psyllium and chia seed. 405 more words

From The Pantry

quince pancakes, gluten-free, dairy-free

Dear neighbors, are you familiar with quince ? wouldn’t advise you to eat it raw, I have never heard it done. Most people have it in a pie, often in combination with apples (such as in… 788 more words

Sulfite Free