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Gluten-Free Coconut Squares

Coconut is one of my favorite dessert ingredients. This recipe combines sorghum and coconut flour to make a delicious, moist cake that is topped with gooey caramel and coconut icing. 396 more words


january-february: anna's earl grey and clementine friands

For my tea dessert, I really wanted to make a plate with a few different components. I wanted to combine the tea flavor with some fruit as well as something creamy. 206 more words


A little bit of what you fancy and gluten free banana bread

A particular comment on a television show we were watching recently has stuck in my mind. It was made by a British woman who had reached the magnificent age of 101. 626 more words


Tarta de Santiago

Anybody else noticing a lack of cultural diversity with this here baking page?

I sure am. Let’s do a little something about that.

A little background first: a mentor of mine recently had a most wonderful trip to Spain where he and his wife participated in and completed the Camino de Santiago, which is a… 698 more words


Go, Go, Green Drinks

Although it’s not a baked good, there is no denying the fact that I am obsessed with shakes.  I’ve been contemplating joining the “green smoothie” trend, but in all honesty how could a green smoothie even begin to compete with a chocolatey peanut butter protein shake?!   61 more words

Bitchin' Bakers

Almond Bailey's Cookies

Honestly I made these cookies accidentally. I was making an attempt to make amaretti cookies (my dad’s favourite!). I was so sure that we had amaretto, buutttt we didn’t so my mom suggested maybe you should use bailey’s. 215 more words


Macaron Madness: Pistachio, fig and rose

Making ice cream and creme patissiere means one has a tonne of egg whites left over. Those lonely egg whites, sitting in my fridge were begging to be made into something amazing. 474 more words