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Verified In Christ

I have had a Twitter account since the platform was launched. Hence, I was able to get my preferred account name @bigmikelewis with no issue. Over the years I have created other fun Twitter handles to tweet out ridiculous things that made me laugh. 623 more words


Reasons I Love New Music

Stumbling on new music is one of my favorite things, whether it is from a friend’s recommendation or (like recently), Spotify’s Discover feature.  So here are the things I love about new music: 219 more words


Best Movies About The Jobs I've Had

Let me state from the offset that the idea for this post came from an interesting Washington Post article where they asked 24 professionals in various fields what movie best portrayed their individual professions. 1,483 more words

Best Lists

Untitled Donal Hanks Blog post

The year was 2001. I was in fifth year of secondary school. 16 years old. By that time I had given up on my dreams of becoming a professional football player. 1,980 more words


Liquid Band-Aid

Have you ever felt lost?

Not meaning physically lost, like when your GPS is taking you through an unknown path and all you keep hearing is, “ rerouting–rerouting.” … 678 more words


I should relate well because this is a story of an aspiring journalist and of someone who wants to grow up really soon and show everybody that yeah, I was here and I am cool. 553 more words