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Chickens like the Spring as well

One wouldn’t know it, but Spring has actually sprung, even with the snow flurries in the air.  With the ground thawing, we have actually been able to till the garden. 206 more words


Burger King Is Selling Horse Meat Instead of Pure Beef

People have often asked me why I am so diligent with my chickens, why I care so much about what I eat or my family eats, why I even worry about things like our food supply.   628 more words


Composting with Chickens - BackYard Chickens Community

I just read a wonderful article about using chickens to “turn” a compost pile until it is mulch.  This aligns with our goal of having working chickens that add and benefit the garden. 292 more words


The Dangers of Treated Seed

Who would have thought mice would be a vector for seed with a poisoned seed coat, a.k.a., treated seed?  When my father first ordered his garden seed for last year, he swore he got untreated seed, had checked the box on the order form for untreated seed, and so he had.   672 more words


2013--New Year, 1st Post

Nothing like starting off the new year with a new blog.  This is our first post for our chicken-themed blog, even though the whole family has been talking about what posts we would write as we go about our daily chicken tasks. 156 more words