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Brain Boosting Burger Salad - Perfect for Lunch-Time

On a sunny weekend day, as I’d cycled around doing some food shopping all morning,  I came back home around lunch-time feeling like I could eat a horse (its a metaphor, of course… horses are not food)! 665 more words

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Easy Fusion Tabbouleh Inspired Salad + Meal

I was always a big fan of couscous type dishes. However, sadly enough, couscous was the type of food that I loved but that simply didn’t love me back. 462 more words

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Coconut Curry Lentil Soup with Vegan Sour Cream

This soup is DELICIOUS! Just a perfect balance of savory, coconut curry love, and sweetness. The lentils provide a powerful punch of vegetable protein- I will be making this all the time from here on out. 339 more words

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All the fads Pecan Pie

Gluten free, paleo, vegan, whole food and almost raw yet strikingly comparable to the traditional sugar laden counterpart. This pie actually amazes my taste buds!  This recipe is only slightly modified from Deliciously Ella. 232 more words


Sprouted Pumpkin Granola

Granola is one of those staple items in my kitchen. Since it is an extremely versatile snack or breakfast food, I tend to pack my homeade version with plenty of nutritional powerhouse, superfoods. 288 more words


Grilled Tofu Caprese Summer Salad

So delicious and simple!!! Especially when you don’t feel like cooking in warm weather. I made the tofu this weekend and the basil pesto was from a couple of weeks ago stored in my fridge. 267 more words

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Sundried Tomato & Scallion Tofu Spread (Surfer's Spread)

I was at a local co-op here they have a spread called “Surfer Spread”. It. is. YUMMY. I was determined to replicate it, I have a ton of RAW unsulfered sun-dried tomatoes, and picked up some local fresh scallions at the Farm Stand down the road and… 223 more words