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Product Review: Lexli Day Moisturizer and Lightening Lift PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Hi Everyone!

My friends at Lexli were kind enough to send me their Day Moisturizer for oily skin and their Lightening Lift. I’m an avid user of Lexli products so I was beyond excited to try these two products! 339 more words


Infinite by Forever™

Imagine your skin as a juicy plum – moisturized, taut and smooth. However, as we age our skin loses moisture faster and with environmental factors like pollution and the sun, our skin loses elasticity, luster and firmness. 408 more words

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Is It Time For A Detox?

Have you been feeling sluggish, a bit run down or are simply looking to take charge of your health? A detox could be what you need to give your body and mind a boost and help you flush out some toxins from your body. 484 more words


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Is It Time For A Detox?

Have you been feeling sluggish, a bit run down or are simply looking to take charge of your health? A detox could be what you need to give your body and mind a boost and help you flush out some toxins from your body. Ideal for starting a fitness program, a detox will leave you feeling noticeably happier and healthier. Take a look at the advice below and see if you could benefit from a detox.

You’re tired and overworked

Water, fruit, and health in this detox drink

Feeling tired or lacking energy? A home detox may be right for you. Pexels, CC0 License.

A busy work or family life can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and lacking energy. It’s these feelings that often lead us to crave junk food or a glass of wine at the end of a long day that can stop us from eating healthily and getting the nutrition we need. If you’ve found yourself in a routine of eating take out, convenience foods or even skipping meals altogether, a detox could be what you need to get yourself back on track.

You’re drinking too much

Drinking too much can happen from time to time – a heavy social calendar or even feeling stressed can lead us to consume more drink which is not only damaging to your liver but can cause you to gain weight, develop problem skin and other health issues. While detoxing for alcohol addiction is a completely separate issue, an at home detox could have many benefits, with different ways to go about it to suit what you’re trying to achieve.

You keep breaking out

Breaking out is something you’re used to as a teenager, but it can be a sign of poor health and diet when you’re older. If your skin has been quite oily of late or looking a bit dull and lackluster, a detox could help you out and restore your skin to a healthy and manageable condition. Solutions like a rapid opiate detox could help get your skin to help it get clearer and glow with health once more. Drinking more water is another way you can help your body to flush out toxins for better skin and to prevent dehydration.

You keep getting colds and viruses

An unhealthy lifestyle can have a serious effect on your general health, causing your immune system to be weak and leaving you susceptible to multiple colds and viruses. A detox is a great way to invigorate your immune system and giving your body essential vitamins that you may be lacking in your current diet. Many people who go through a detox say that they feel happier and healthier as a result, which can all contribute to a strengthened immune system. While detoxing may sound complicated, it’s known to have many benefits, and it can be easily done with a few lifestyle changes. If you feel your unhealthy habits are being caused by dealing with stress in the wrong way, it may be time for you to assess your diet and habits and try a detox as a way to give your body a boost and kick-start an overall healthier lifestyle.

Clean 9 - Day 4 (and a bit of day 3 :))

HOY SHIT! Today I feel amazing! I can’t tell you how crazy it feels. I have been proven wrong, I hold my hands up!

I got to bed really late last night, a) I had loads to get done, but b) I wasn’t tired. 154 more words

Clean 9 - Day 3

Woke at 6am, full of beans. Such a good night sleep. Not sure if it’s the Aloe, the Garcinia, the fibre or a mixture of everything, but it feels great! 132 more words

Cómo cortar la hoja de la Penca Sábila para extraer el gel (Áloe Vera) y sus beneficios.

Si tienes una planta en casa y quieres utilizarla para elaborar algún remedio natural o para tomar su gel debes tener en cuenta varias cosas, como son que para que una planta tenga todas sus propiedades… 848 more words

Clean 9 - Day 2

7.430am – Woke up starving! Quickly took the Garcinia and waited the 30 mins before I could have the Aloe shots and any free foods, the book is full of little tips which really help to keep you going. 153 more words