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Mourning for Mataio Kekuanaoa, 1868.

The Kawaiahao Choir:—We heard that tonight, this choir will go to the grounds of Iolani Palace , where they will mourn for Kaimihaku who silently passed on: 102 more words


Day after La Kuokoa, 1879.

Yesterday, the 28th of November, was a national holiday of Hawaii nei, and it was the Thirty-Sixth year as a nation because of the agreement of the great nations of Great Britain and France. 97 more words


The time will come, 1893.

Tomorrow, November 28, is the Independence Day of Hawaii nei, and it will be the fiftieth year of our living as an Independent Nation, and being recognized by the enlightened nations of the world. 69 more words


La Kuokoa celebrated at Kawaiahao Church, 1892.


To all citizens who have aloha for their Alii and patriots of Queen Liliuokalani, in the district of Honolulu;

Aloha to you all: Those whose names appear below are members of the Committee to invite all citizens for the YMCA of Kawaiahao and Kaumakapili. 151 more words


Another mele for La Kuokoa, 1871.

No ka La Kuokoa.

Leo.—A Victory, Happy Hours. p 144.

1. Ke kani nei na pahu e,
Ma keia la maikai;
E ala mai a oli ae, 290 more words


Irony, 1893.

The new Hawaiian daily paper, “La Kuokoa,” started the other day printed about 1200 copies. Out of this number only 80 copies were circulated. Such is the native Hawaiian’s love for annexation. 99 more words

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