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5 Ways I am Changing My World

As you all know, I’ve been going through a bit of a shake up. The ending of my 16-year relationship, trying to maintain some type of civilly between myself and my kids’ dad, fighting my worst frienemy, ‘Depression’, and having to move back in with my ma where my OCD/ sociopath of a sister lives, has presented more than a challenge and added a huge source of stress. 1,492 more words


Getting Back to It!

How to get back on track…

Well, I have written in way too long. I know that part of the problem is that this blog is about walking, learning, seeing and doing — right now. 220 more words

~ Second Chance in Life ~

~ Let Go of The Past ~

What’s done is done. When life throws us nasty curveballs it typically doesn’t make any sense to us, and our natural emotional reaction might be to get extremely upset and scream obscenities at the top of our lungs. 177 more words


The Aker Family In The Land Of Aloha - Maui Family Portraits

We were so happy to welcome back the adorable Aker Family. It’s been years but they are still just as sweet and fun as ever. Featuring a mom, her two daughters, and their families, their photos showcase a wonderful gathering of generations and loved ones. 105 more words

Kauai Day 6: The Last Supper, Brought to You by Death Powder


Our epic Hawai’ian vacation is coming to a close, my friends.Β  Yesterday, Husband, Ken, Joana, and I went to Ching Young Village and shopped our asses off — nothing like the smell of empty wallet in the morning!Β  906 more words